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Zero-G furniture   (0)  [vote for, against]
For theme parties

Basically rentable*, simulated furnishings which are, in fact, custom-made, helium-filled balloons.

Throw a space-themed party and enjoy the "zero-g" atmosphere while balloon glasses, plants, books, tables, pictures, lamps, pets, statuettes, pens, etc float around and amuse your guests. Deposit required. Not recommended for smokers, dart players or gun clubs.

*Because few people would need/want to own any.
(Background: Just bought a flying saucer-shaped balloon for the kids. Aside from looking like a flying saucer, the neatest thing about it is that it is nearly neutrally buoyant. Tossing the balloon around like a Frisbee inspired this idea)
-- phoenix, Jul 14 2003

more floating furniture http://www.halfbake...overcraft_20Ottoman
[snarfyguy, Oct 05 2004]

I read in New Scientist how some crazy food scientist made zero G Meringue and Pavalova by puffing them up with helium. He had to do something to ensure the food had a closed-cell structure (extra egg?). At a picnic the floating food frightend some passers by....
-- venomx, Jul 14 2003

jutta: at least this one's not helium-filled metal.
-- DrCurry, Jul 14 2003

Helium filled food gives me gas. You could suffocate in a room with too much helium. The furniture would have to be VERY leakproof, and if you fell off you could bust your gas outlet. Take the hose!
-- LabRat, Jul 15 2003

The idea isn't to use the furniture/accessories. They're atmosphere only; something for the guests to play with. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.
-- phoenix, Jul 15 2003

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