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Product: Diaper
Zipping Mask   (-1)  [vote for, against]
For making waterproof or airtight flys

We kind of made one of these because we needed to reuse a top fill vacuum cleaner bag. This was a field fix, but I can envision a few other uses for a fly built into masking tape, duct tape, rubber patch material and the like.

Dog_Ed: I do mean a watertight (&/or) airtight zipper. Or some suitable closure for sealing bags, but I think Velcro is stretching it Rods_Tiger. My first thought was, as bookworm suggests, predefined sizes, although it would be interesting to put it on a roll of masking tape for other applications.

Application suggestion: pockets for nudists
-- reensure, Jun 09 2001

reensure, do you mean like a watertight/airtight zipper? Divers' drysuits have that; I don't know just how they seal, though. Or do you mean sticky tape with a zipper down the middle so you can cut off a length of tape, stick two things together, and then unzip the the two things whenever you want?
-- Dog Ed, Jun 09 2001

You wouldn't be able to cut off a length of tape; you'd instead have predefined sizes, like Band-Aids.
-- bookworm, Jun 09 2001

Somebody needs to take reensure's clarity inhibitors away from him before he overdoses.
-- globaltourniquet, Jun 09 2001

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