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Simple really

By having regular images along subway walls and iluminating them with a flash gun when they are centred infront of a window, it would be possible to turn a subway train into a zeotrope.

This could be used for advertising or for simply showing off small clips of film.
-- miasere, Jul 20 2007

Sorry, halfbaked already Animated_20Billboards
And according to a link on that page, also fully baked. [fridge duck, Jul 20 2007]

I am trying to think of a whay to do this with minimal expense. You could trigger the flash under the window with a laser under the image, but then you would need to change the laser. Or you could have a strobe under the image triggered by a motion sensor. This would make the effect less specific to an individual window.

Or one could have a stationary light above the subway illuminating the image and rely on the eye to do the work. Instead of flashing the light, confine the image in a stubby tube so that it can only be viewed when the window is centered on it. This way one would not have to rely on some robot to perceive when the image was centered - it could only be viewed when centered. It might even be possible to omit the stationary light and illuminate exterior with ambient light from within the subway - less bright but if the images are close this would work.

This is very bakeable. I do not have enough subway experience to know if it has been done.
-- bungston, Jul 20 2007

Alternatively, just put a bunch of small-ish fins protruding from the wall, which also would block the view from the side.

Or you could just ignore the blocking all together, and rely on the speed of the train and perception to animate.

Could lead to some interesting animations like some of the earlier film animations that people painted on the actual cels of a film.
-- jamuraa, Jul 20 2007

Half and fully baked - see link.

Also, sp. Zoetrope.
-- fridge duck, Jul 20 2007

Sorry [miasere] but this is an idea that surfaces on the Bakery with regular frequency and is already fully baked in several of the world's subway systems.
-- xenzag, Jul 20 2007

Paris or Toronto would be ideal as they are neat and clean. In New York City all you'd do is light up graffiti, trash and the homeless who are camped out down there.
-- nuclear hobo, Jul 20 2007

This idea could be done with elevators. There would be a small window cut through so you could watch the images on the shaft interior. These could be printed on a roll that is unrolled down the shaft and affixed to the wall - this would facilitate changing them periodically.
-- bungston, Jul 20 2007

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