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Halfbakery: Searching
"Baked" Alert   (+1, -4)  [vote for, against]
Submit new ideas without fear of reprisal from your fellow halfbakers!

This alert process would begin as soon as a potential halfbaker submitted a new idea. Using key ideas from both the title and description of the unfinished idea, a notification page would appear directly after submission, listing potential websites that might market or at least mention pre-existing concepts that might bake the proposed idea. Users are then asked if they wish to continue with the submission process. If a large number of hits are found, user is notified that the halfbakery is not responsible for any embarrassment or deflating of ego.

For those times when an idea strikes at 3:00am (when discretion and a general sense of good taste seem to be lacking). Would also be pretty darn convenient.
-- Lucky_Setzer, Aug 09 2001

Auto-Halfbakery Search http://www.halfbake...Halfbakery_20Search
Part I [jutta, Aug 09 2001]

HB Auto-Google http://www.halfbake...ea/HB_20Auto-Google
Part II [jutta, Aug 09 2001]

Before submission, try this:
-- Susen, Aug 09 2001

//user is notified that the halfbakery is not responsible for any embarrassment or deflating of ego.//

If your ego is bruised by ribbing, use the facilities mentioned by Susen and UnaBubba. It's more fun to regard yourself as One with the Universal Joke than to worry about negative comments, though.

Say, that's not a bad tagline: No reprise without reprisal!
-- Dog Ed, Aug 09 2001

Agreed Rods. I tend to avoid the 1/2bakery on Saturday Mornings until the Friday Nighters have disappeared off the radar.

I agree with Dog Ed (and others who have said it before). Getting pilloried is all part of your initiation Lucky_Setzer. No one ever died from a flaming (except in the 1/2bakery film of course).
-- DrBob, Aug 09 2001

Dog Ed, I kinda like "One with the Universal Joke" as a tagline, too.
-- beauxeault, Aug 09 2001

Au contraire, waugs. The 1/2bakery is very definitely responsible. That's half of the fun. (hmm! seems like there should be a pun in there somewhere).
-- DrBob, Aug 09 2001

Good man! There's nothing that can't be achieved by a bloody-minded determination to ignore reality.
-- DrBob, Aug 09 2001

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