Product: Answering machine
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For when you're too lazy to talk to someone.

An extra code appended to a telephone number, which automatically goes through to the answer machine or voicemail, so that the caller can just leave a message without the hassle of actually interacting with someone else.

The phone would perhaps ring briefly to let the recipient know that they have recieved a message.
-- dbmag9, May 19 2008

I'd use this with chatty people, when there's not time to talk, but I need to tell them something.

Can I also 'go to machine' halfway through a conversation with 'the human' if I should become bored?
-- theNakedApiarist, May 19 2008

Like texting, then?
-- wagster, May 19 2008

Slightly baked - You can do this on some ansafones, if you know their passkey - my old (1980's?) BT answer machine could do it - Some units come with a remote control (DTMF generator) and have features that let you change recorded messages, and (probably) add a memo. You're right though - this ought to be fully baked by now.
-- Dub, May 19 2008

It's baked on some GSM mobile phone nets where it's possible to leave a voicemail for a user without ever callling them.
-- 8th of 7, May 19 2008

-- Voice, May 19 2008

wagster: No, like 'voicing' them. Somehow texting feels much more informal than calling (not to mention the fact you can only text mobiles at the moment); this bridges the gap.

Voice: The difference is that this code lets you go straight to voicemail, even if the person is around to answer their phone.
-- dbmag9, May 20 2008

Baked, they used to call it a "pager".
-- Spacecoyote, Dec 25 2008

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