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Just like an ignore list, but more fun

An addition to the Internet Bulletin Board button pantheon that would add a person to a new list - the "Idiot" list. Rather than ignoring someone, which removes their posts' text from your view (except when quoted, oddly), the Idiot list would simply put a slightly-large-font header at the top of their internet forum posts that says, "This poster is on your IDIOT list," thereby allowing you to read what they posted if you want, or ignore it if you want.

The IDIOT header would not be included in post-quotes (so people don't accidentally see who's idioted who).

Wait...idioted? Idiotted? Idiotized?


When signing on to a bulletin board that supports the Idiot function, you could also choose to view all recent posts by those you deem idiots.
-- shapu, Apr 21 2009

-- danman, Apr 21 2009


+ Another message board I use added a "troll" button that highly rated users can select. If one of them selects it, all of that person's posts are minimized. If you really want to read what they posted, you can click on the maximize button.

I thought it was a great improvement to that particular site. (Even though I'm not rated highly enough to use it, I still get the benifit of it's use by others by having "idiots" posts already minimized for me).
-- Zimmy, Apr 21 2009

Ctrl+Idiot: opens favorite idiots list with links to most recent activity, Ctrl+Idiot+D: opens dialog box with check box for instant alert notification when two or more idiots engage one another & options for turning sites on or off.

Google may already have this baked in some add-on, I can't keep up with everything those idiots do.
-- oyea6, Apr 21 2009

But it's at times like these that I ask myself;
"Self", I say, "do I really need to be on more lists?"
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 21 2009

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