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F.O.A.D. for bandwidth hogging processes.

Many times you just want to check something on the World Wide Web, and don't want the pages to take eons to load. What I propose is a program that lets only the web browser have access to the internet temporarily. It looks like to ANY other process that there's no current connection to the internet. And it turns on your AOL away message, if you are still using AOL dial up. It will be able to even deny system processes from accessing the internet if you wish.

Optionally if the program that hogs bandwidth is annoying, you can treat it to properly CRC'd garbage packets and crash it out of existence.
-- Amishman35, Jun 18 2006

Block all but port 80.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 18 2006

Do what I do on my work laptop and dont let IM and chat and such get loaded on startup, so you can focus.
-- ironfroggy, Jun 18 2006

Maybe you just need a faster connection? I do not have this problem you are solving here, I click and get there almost instantly. So no bun but no fishbone either. Nice to see another idea posted by you, [Amishman35].
-- zeno, Jun 18 2006

How about a new version of windows that doesn't automatically assume that you plug in your internet connection before anything else. How about a version that doesn't think it will die if you disconnect it from the internet? How about a version that knows my friggin laptop doesn't have an internet connection to send error reports and register products with? Now that would be nice!
-- ye_river_xiv, Jun 18 2006

How about not windows.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 18 2006

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