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Fashion: Bra
"Learning" Bra   (+12)  [vote for, against]
Maps out the erogenous zones

A bra that has instructions for the less smooth operators. Has boundaries drawn on and instructions for best use of the area. Possibly also has the order in which the wearer likes to be touched.

P.S.( God, that's a terrrible idea isn't it?! I should give myself a fishbone.)

P.P.S. I now wish I could delete the previous post script, but without it some people's comments wouldn't make sense. Note to other Bakers: try not to denigrate you idea, in the idea's text.
-- PollyNo9, Jun 09 2003

403 Forbidden underpants
As mentioned by Cerium. Not the same as this idea. I guess someone giving you 404 Not Found as a present is a sure sign to move on? [jutta, Jul 09 2006]

After you...
-- snarfyguy, Jun 09 2003

mark out your whole body like the cow on the butcher's poster.

welcome Polly.
-- po, Jun 09 2003

Make sure you include instructions on how to remove the learning bra.
-- Worldgineer, Jun 09 2003

I trust it would be printed with glow-in-the-dark ink...?
-- DrCurry, Jun 09 2003

ahhhhh Bisto.
-- po, Jun 09 2003

Think of the age group that would wear this? I do not think Fathers would like their daughters wearing this!!
-- envy, Jun 09 2003

Fathers? with a big F? oh my god!
-- po, Jun 09 2003

Needs a buzzer, like in the "Operation" game.
-- waugsqueke, Jun 09 2003

waugsqueke: for when you get it right, or when you get it wrong?

I can't help thinking of some poor hapless guy trying to 'make progress' with his first date... "BZZZ! No, not like that. BZZZ! Wrong again! BZZZ! Oh for crying out loud... BZZZ! No, sorry, but thanks for playing. Bye!" -- ego destroyed for life!
-- Cheradenine, Jun 09 2003

His n' Hers Learning Underwear: The perfect graduation gift? (slaps self, I needed that.)
-- Cedar Park, Jun 10 2003

just from a fashion perspective, this is a hot idea for club-wear people!
-- nhil, Jun 10 2003

[Cheradine] - I must get one of those. They sound like fun!
-- PeterSilly, Jun 10 2003

I'm just liking the noise-making bra idea now. Maybe one that goes "aaooooga".
-- waugsqueke, Jun 10 2003

I don't believe Stout is female at all.
-- The Kat, Jun 10 2003

'course she is. Otherwise her name would be StoutBull. Do they make bras for cows?
-- Worldgineer, Jun 10 2003

-- The Kat, Jun 10 2003

//Do they make bras for cows?//

I hope so - especially ones that go BUZZ and aaooooga. And purely for comedic value, in case anyone gets any ideas. I just love the idea of a farmer milking his cow in the morning, "BUZZ, BUZZ, aaooooga, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, aaooooga".
-- PeterSilly, Jun 11 2003

-- DrCurry, Jun 11 2003

Ah, bliss! You're back in the madhouse I see. The shock treatments didn't work?
-- pluterday, Jun 11 2003

Well, one of those would certainly have made my last date go more smoothly, but I'm probably the only guy in the world that actually reads instructions...
-- ye_river_xiv, Jul 07 2006

I think many men would read instructions written on a woman's bra. Especially if they were in brail.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 08 2006

I always read directions.

Kind of like those undies that say "403: Forbidden" on them..
-- Cerium, Jul 08 2006

These bras would have to be custom made. Now there's a nice job. :)
-- jmvw, Nov 30 2006

Aren't the more difficult erogenous zones mostly in the mind?
-- pertinax, Dec 01 2006

hmm interesting idea, good, but needs a little work, couldnt bra's just have one regular button on them, not those, clips that beg for a pair of scissors.
-- Stork, Dec 03 2006

the writable body stocking...
-- Voice, Jul 12 2007

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