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"Warmer... Colder..." GPS Guidance System   (+16)  [vote for, against]
"Oh, you're really burning up now."

A voice guidance system in a car that, instead of directing every turn on-route, simply repeats the phrases "warmer" and "colder" with varying volume depending on how close the driver is to the final destination.
-- DrWorm, Aug 01 2010

Audio Only GPS Audio_20Only_20GPS
Ahem. See anno by yours truly. [prufrax, Aug 03 2010]

XKCD - Cheap GPS
[phoenix, Aug 04 2010]

Yes! Yes! Yessss!

Can it also, please, pick a random destination within certain limits of distance?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 01 2010

Brilliant, [DrWorm]! This will revolutionize the GPS industry! Put me down for two of 'em. You're getting warmer... warmer... w.a.r.m.e.r!!!! You're THERE! A steaming fresh BUN!!! [+]
-- Grogster, Aug 01 2010

If you integrate this into the seat heating/cooling systems many cars now have, you can genuinely be said to be driving by the seat of your pants. +
-- theircompetitor, Aug 01 2010

Oops, actually deleted [mouseposture]'s anno about the difficulty of long-distance travel using this system. Sorry!

[theircompetitor], there are _much_ better ways to interpret that expression literally. Trust me.
-- DrWorm, Aug 02 2010

"You're really burning up now! I mean it! YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE! I'M CALLING 911 RIGHT NOW!
-- Cedar Park, Aug 02 2010

@[prufrax]'s link: Dang, I really thought this was an original idea. But hey, it's not redundancy. This was a fun idea when you had it, and it still is.
-- DrWorm, Aug 03 2010

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