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The wheels of email grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine

I'm working with a new employer, just long enough now that I should no longer be making the newbie errors that are so amusing to all the first few times they occur.

I think I've finally trained up to where I won't make this mistake again, but my boss, my IT guy, and one of the engineers all share the same first name.

When I get in a hurry I occasionally send meeting invites to inappropriate persons.

You'd think that Outlook would have an option like {Query if first name has multiples in your contacts} but apparently not.

And why not?
-- normzone, Dec 20 2013

This Marc doesn't want any confusion.
[AusCan531, Dec 21 2013]

Is there no option for you to associate a handle with a name? Then you could specify Marc1, Marc2, and so on.
-- Vernon, Dec 20 2013

Or "Boss", "IT Guy", and "One of the Engineers".
-- tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2013

//I occasionally send meeting invites to inappropriate persons//

I can think of a few meetings I've been in where I wouldn't have minded an inappropriate person, if only to liven things up.
-- ytk, Dec 20 2013

Marc, Mock and Mork.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2013

But never Meek.
-- AusCan531, Dec 20 2013

Is it Marc Jacobs? [Link]
-- AusCan531, Dec 21 2013

I usually type in last names.
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2013

Call a meeting about it.
-- popbottle, Dec 22 2013

//When I get in a hurry I occasionally send meeting invites to inappropriate persons.//

Never allow yourself to be hurried.
-- 4whom, Dec 22 2013

Never invite anyone to a meeting, and never accept invitations to meetings.
-- pocmloc, Dec 22 2013

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