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"please say again" listening mouse   (+2, -3)  [vote for, against]
a mouse with a small sound sensitive device on the top surface that can hear and respond to spoken commands.

this mouse has all the usual functions but at those times when the user needs a muscle break, it will respond to such simple commands as scroll up, scroll down, hit “print”, open new document, minimise, save etc.

squeaking function optional.
-- po, Aug 21 2002

DragonSoft Naturally Speaking http://www.dragonsy.../naturallyspeaking/
Does all you say, plus takes dictation. And uses a mic which you probably already have. [waugsqueke, Aug 21 2002]

Voice control software is quite commonplace. They use a microphone, rather than the mouse, to 'hear' your voice.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 21 2002

Mouse pads are available that have a gel-filled rest pad on them. I have one, and I love it.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 21 2002

Sort of.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 21 2002

You just want to do that scene in Star Trek where Scotty picks up the mouse and talks into it.
-- DrCurry, Aug 21 2002

Waugsqueke: // I have one, and I love it. //

Not in the biblical sense, I hope .......

DrCurry: <sad trekkie bit> It's Scotty who picks up the mouse, not Bones. The scene is in "The Voyage Home". </sad trekkie bit>

NB Take not the name of the sacred Trek in vain, lest thou be smitten by thunderbolts. Or something. Maybe.
-- 8th of 7, Aug 21 2002

this would be far more half-baked if it were a real mouse, trained to respond to commands and push buttons for you. and maybe go grab you a beer. sortof a seeing-eye mouse for the computer impaired.
-- rbl, Aug 21 2002

Does this mouse bristle a bit when someone
over-enunciates condescendingly?
-- thumbwax, Aug 22 2002

so the tale goes..
-- po, Aug 22 2002

[8th of 7: thank you, anno corrected.]
-- DrCurry, Aug 22 2002

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