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Culture: Television: Game Show: Quiz
'Wheeee'kest link   (+12)  [vote for, against]
Formerly "Extreme Weakest Link"

When a contestant correctly answers a question, Anne Robinson's little swively quiz-mistress podium begins to gently rotate, making it a little harder for her to ask the next question.

Rather than correct answers adding to the cashpot, they increase the speed of Anne's spin through 'merry-go-round' and 'washing machine' right upto 'James Bond in Moonraker' levels, Anne herself clinging on by her fingernails desparately screeching the next question as best she can. Of course, rather disappointingly, a wrong answer applies the brakes.

Banking is not an option.
-- Fishrat, Aug 23 2007

Love it. Can the brakes be applied hard, so that when you answer a wrong question after a series of correct ones, she nearly flies off of the podium?
-- reap, Aug 23 2007

always good for a laugh, that anne robinson, i tell you! (hiya, [FishFace], good to see ya!) +
-- k_sra, Aug 23 2007

Hi K_sra! Anathema, I love that title, so I've changed it, thank you very much for the suggestion.
-- Fishrat, Aug 24 2007

This would be even more amusing during one of her "off the wagon" phases.
-- wagster, Aug 24 2007

I'd definitely rig it for spin cycle 12000 [+]
-- skinflaps, Aug 24 2007

Certainly brings up the question as to what kind of engine should be used to spin our sweet Anne Robinson? Maybe the inclusion of of a roll cage being introduced at a certain juncture of the show may "turn that frown upside down"
-- skinflaps, Aug 24 2007

Can't we just shoot her in the face?
-- theleopard, Aug 24 2007

//Can't we just shoot her in the face?//

That'll be on next weeks show Robinson's Roulette.
-- skinflaps, Aug 24 2007

-- theleopard, Aug 24 2007

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