Computer: Text Filter
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Don't worry, the body of the idea is typed normally.

A lot of people online like to type with alternating capital letters lIkE tHiS, thinking that it makes them look cool and/or 1337. Of course, typing like that is time-consuming because you have to carefully press the Shift key for every other letter. If you could filter your typing so that every other letter was automatically capitalized, you wouldn't have to do so, and maybe the ease of typing oBnOxIoUsLy would make it less appealing to trolls.
-- DrWorm, Sep 02 2010

The Cryptic Message Discombobulator http://www.tomkiddi...obulator/index.html
[pocmloc, Sep 03 2010]

[MaRkEd-FoR-dElEtIoN] widely known to exist. A bit of googling perhaps.
-- FlyingToaster, Sep 02 2010

If it were a filter helping me avoid ever having to observe this style of text, the bun would be forthcoming...
-- jamobaker, Sep 02 2010

Where do people (try to) type like this?
-- jutta, Sep 02 2010

A bad place you don't want to go.
-- 8th of 7, Sep 02 2010

It would be far more interesting to write with alternating vowels and consonants. And probably impossible.

Or is it? I have no ide.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 02 2010

One could write a macro to do this, I think. One being not this one, though.
-- bungston, Sep 02 2010

What I've always wanted is a macro to replace letters with basically indistinguishable, but differently coded, unicode glyphs, for example, replacing capital A with capital Greek alpha (Α), or lower case p with lower case Cyrillic r (р), or capital D with the Cherokee letter A (Ꭰ).
-- LoriZ, Sep 02 2010

What jamobaker said. Alternating caps is a signal that the content of text is useless or uninteresting, so a filter to block it would be handy.
-- swimswim, Sep 02 2010

Well, obviously. But I was thinking, ynow, English.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 02 2010

Having braved the dark underbellies of the World Wide Web, I assure you all that typing like this is a common practice in more rustic corners of the internet.
-- DrWorm, Sep 02 2010

Maybe one could just type the letter A differently or signify that it was different with some mark. I recall the explanation given to be by my music teacher as regards the difference between B sharp instead of C.
-- bungston, Sep 02 2010

[LoriZ], those exist too. Can't find a link, but they're often used to try and hide the fact that work is plagiarised, so that searching for phrases just copied and pasted returns nothing in a search engine.
-- mitxela, Sep 03 2010

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