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a Bass tube the size of a silo   (+1)  [vote for, against]
On a farm, no one can hear you blast.

A silo with a gigantic subwoofer mounted in the top, and ports at the bottom. When an incredible amount of electrical energy is put into the cone as a 20hz or lower sine wave, there is awesome bass.

Perfect for hoedowns.
-- Amishman35, Aug 02 2004

world's largest subwoofer?
[luecke, Oct 04 2004]

As in a lightning bolt..?
-- simonj, Aug 02 2004

...a dragon man....

would it do that to a plane?
-- swimr, Aug 02 2004

Be very careful. Low frequencies can have some unpleasant effects on the human body. Mass nausea may just put a damper on your party!
-- egbert, Aug 03 2004

...but he was still...

'At 'ere's whatcha call a ba-yund pass SIGH-LOW, pardner!

As a side effect, you might increase the reproductivity of some of the larger animals on the farm (whilst decreasing the fertility of the smaller ones... like us).

I'm torn. I like the idea, and I think this is a perfect application for the "I wonder..." technical team to test their mettle, but I really, really wouldn't want to be around for it. Also, you engineer a 48-inch, +/-.0001% distortion (192db@1Khz) sub woofer, and the SUV pimps will beat a path into your neighborhood streets. [ ]
-- absterge, Aug 03 2004

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