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adverise on bald peoples' heads

space on a human head is taken up by features or hair or ears,etc since theres so much space on the top of a bald head,they can let this out to companies ,and they get a stylish [perhaps temporary] logo tatoo,also cheeks and neckcould do the same
-- technobadger, Feb 26 2001

Need a change? Head down to New Zealand. http://www.nytimes....s/media/18adco.html
You, too, can be $777 richer! [jurist, Feb 15 2010]

What if the advert were for hair replacement?
-- nick_n_uit, Feb 26 2001

then it can be printed on dyed,short hair
-- technobadger, Feb 26 2001

-- FlyingToaster, Feb 15 2010

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