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algorithmically variable name   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
a name pronounced dependent on the value of a variable

consider, for example , a british rapper, influenced by 50 cent,there is one pastiche called 50 pence, but factor in the exchange now the obvious name for such a thing act would be 25 pence, but the exchange rate varies, so he may be a different number,even most of the time, not an integer.

or people named after the current month , rather than one specific month, or more complex[but systematically derivable] names based on the phases of the moon and the temperature
-- technobadger, May 15 2008

On days when I have to sign and date a ton of documents in a hurry, I always think about legally changing my name to "Today's date".
-- normzone, May 15 2008

How about changing your name to those little "ditto" marks?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 15 2008

Hey look, there goes "3*10^8 m/s"!

What a bore, that guy. C'mon George W. Bush, let's go find Blu Ray and Tribal Print and have a partaaay!
-- daseva, May 15 2008

2 Bob
-- gnomethang, May 15 2008

Apparently you're not USian, I'm pretty sure this is already baked here. I think, it's hard to tell quite what the kids are doing with the names these days.
-- Noexit, May 16 2008

I'd wager that sixty years ago Buford and Gertrude said the same thing.
-- normzone, May 16 2008

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