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Product: Weapon: Ray
annoyance ray   (+2, -3)  [vote for, against]
a death ray for the pacifist inside you

Its pretty simple actually, its a non-lethal weapon so its ok for the police to use and stuff like that. What it does is sense something around the target that is very, very minisculy annoying to them ( possibly to the extent that they don't even know that its annoying ), the ray will then amplifie this by shooting images/sounds of the annoying object into the targets brain, only 10-100 times worse ( depending upon the annoyance factor you choose ). This image/ sound is also transmitted with the subliminal message that if the target leaves then the annoyance will go away. Thus the subject leaves and there is no damage to their brain whatsoever as the ray is no longer amplifing their annoyances.
-- kaz, Sep 10 2001

sounds incredably... annoying... this sounds evil...
-- RobertKidney, Sep 10 2001

Well, some nonlethal weapons technologies are looking into the use of subsonic pulses to the solar plexus to induce nausea -- and some ultrasonic dog-training devices can induce discomfort in the ear as negative reinforcement to curb unwanted behavior -- so at least some rudimentary precedent exists.

As with all weapons, however, this one has appropriate uses and gross misuses (normally the worst of which is to apply it over and over as a means of torture).
-- whatsbruin, Sep 10 2001

We had one of these living just down the street. Ray Bueckledorf. God he was annoying, him and his hemorrhoid stories. Better than a stingray, though.
-- Dog Ed, Sep 11 2001

why a subliminal message? if you have the ability to inject images into a person's brain from a distance, then why not have the message be screaming as loudly as possible to leave you the fµck alone or this funny ray thingy he has will detonate your head in a cloud of brains.
-- Macwarrior, Feb 03 2003

// induce discomfort in the ear as negative reinforcement //

*positive punishment

Also, this is only halfway not a WIBNI, at best.
-- notexactly, Mar 14 2019

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