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A website that gives anonymous messages for you

Somebody should make a website that you could (for a small fee) have an anonymous, untraceble page on, referenced only by a string of digits. You would put a generic message on there like "Don't park in handicapped spots" or "Really, lose the mullet" or "I'm sorry, I think I slept with your roommate." Then for an additional fee, you'd buy a roll of stickers that say "go to 6384642." You'd put them on the car of everybody who parked in the handicap spot, or on the door of the trailer, or the pizza box you just delivered. The recipients would go to the site to get the message you wish you had the cajones or time to say to their face. This would save the trouble of finding pen and paper, and writing out a note, not to mention the embarassment of actually talking to another living person. When a car cuts you off on your bicycle, you could reach over and put a sticker on his car. then when he gets out and finds it, he won't remember you, but he'll go to the site where you've put up the message "share the road, jerky." along with the twenty other screwballs you stickered on your way to work. This is my first contribution. I hope you like it.
-- changokun, Dec 04 2003

These might work too
[Klaatu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

You can put paragraph breaks in by hitting

enter twice. It makes it more readable, and then you're everybodies friend.
-- Detly, Dec 04 2003

It might work if you place the sticker and later post the message. Of course, that relies on them having the motivation to check back later if they get to a computer before you do.
-- Detly, Dec 04 2003

I'm afraid I'd assume it was SPAM and ignore it, but it would almost certainly become clique clich­é with some people.
"Oh, he's SO 643345653."
-- phoenix, Dec 04 2003

[Detly] - I'm surprised that people would have the motivation to check the message at all.
-- benjamin, Dec 04 2003

I shouldn't let the rest of this roll of "I'm sorry, I think I slept with your roommate" stickers go to waste...
-- Laughs Last, Dec 05 2003

It seems like a rather decent website gimmick to me. If you promote it enough so people know a string of numbers is a message, just shouting "Hey! 7438720926!" would have some people scrambling to log on and see what you "said".
While you're at it, have the site "decipher" any undesignated number combination, using markov chains, etc. People can enter any number, to see what pithy saying it produces. Since they'll no doubt type a lot of account numbers, phone numbers, etc., you might want to make it so those entries don't get stored. Or save them for an evil scheme. Whatever.
-- Amos Kito, Dec 05 2003

.com/000000001 - "Ya stinkin Luddite, get with the times", would have to be top of the list, wouldnt it?

Nah probably not. Good 1st posting too (+). My only complaint is 50447360

Erm, could I have the digits for the 'roommate' message please? Thanks!
-- Johnny Mash, Dec 05 2003

you're right! we could get some cliche numbers going that everybody knows. that's hilarious.

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the advantage over printing a thousand 'Your BO is horrendous' stickers is the cost. it is relatively cheap to print a million stickers with 10,000 copies of serial numbers, whereas it is fairly expensive to print up the hundred personalised stickers that you would lose interest in.

and if you get tired of alerting people to their foul odors, you could change your message later, without needing to print new stickers.

it's true most people would lack the motivation to look up the site (thinking its junk mail, sure). but don't forget you'd probably be pretty pissed/intrigued by a sticker found on the finish of your car or the back of your sweater.
-- changokun, Dec 05 2003

-- 123321123, Apr 20 2004
-- 123321123, Apr 20 2004

-- evildictaitor, Aug 07 2004

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