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A chatroom that allows users to assume a persona and debate with others.

There are already several active debate forums on the internet. Members of these forums can post topics for debate, and also discuss and banter with others about several issues. The thing is, it's hard to have an opinion on everything.

Also, "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog." Anonymosity is an alluring part of using the world wide web.

What would be interesting would be an online debating chatroom where users can assume another identity to argue with others. When someone logs onto this website, they can see the current question or topic that is being discussed. Then the users could choose from a variety of fixed personas, each with their own personality and name. Of course, only one person could use a persona at a time.

The user can then enter the chatroom and join the debate, debating as if they were the fictional person that they've logged on as.

Possible personalities could be derived from archetypes and historical figures.

Churchill the conservative

Locke the liberal

Socrates the philosopher

Yorick the buffoon

-- DrWorm, Nov 21 2009

Big quassant from me, provided noone else gets to be me but me.
-- zeno, Nov 21 2009

I call Hitler the very conservative [+]
-- Germanicus, Nov 21 2009

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