Food: Shape
baked tessellate chips   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Well, let's hope they're not totally 'baked'

Colorful chips baked into tessellate patterns make snacking for the 4-9 set great fun. Children can create patterns and eat healthy. There is no food coloring and chips are all natural. Tessellate chips - smart food, smart children.
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 05 2002

Healthy food based ingredients would shape the color. Wheat or corn, depending on the 'chip', would be the main ingredient.
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 05 2002

I want gingerbread sticklebricks.
-- skinflaps, Nov 05 2002

+ I like it. I assume they are made flat somehow. How about alphabet french fries? Would need two trips through the slicer, but would be more interesting than plain straight line fries. Wait... better not suggest that or a certain fast-food chain will be serving "M" fries.
-- flypaper, Aug 30 2003

There's something wonderful about being forced to make a decision between eating your food and doing something else with it that seems genuinely useful, like making art or using it as currency. This is somehow especially great for me when there are a lot of the object in question, so that you can snack a little but still think of yourself as hoarding the valuable resource.
-- egads, Mar 05 2004

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