Halfbakery: Game
bakery collectible card game   (+10)  [vote for, against]
with some ideas as monsters/creatures/ect and some as powers/modifiers

attacking your opponent with the naked pizza delivery guy,and equipping him with a fishsaber and pockets of nudistry in which to carry it, and then being blocked by the random truck ,built out oflighter than air solid and carrying...
-- technobadger, Nov 20 2001

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Close to this idea [hippo, Nov 20 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Trumperama http://www.trumperama.co.uk/
[hippo, Nov 20 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Legal Code trading cards http://www.halfbake...e_20trading_20cards
...with all those discussions about anal sex and royalty. [hippo, Nov 20 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

If this is anything like Magic the Gathering, I'm against it. If you make it involve hitting your opponent whenever they say something that displeases you, I'm all for it.
-- AfroAssault, Nov 20 2001

And the Jutta card trumps everything. I like it...
-- StarChaser, Nov 20 2001

-- st3f, Nov 20 2001

You sell the cards in croissants that would have to break in half to get the card ...
-- Aristotle, Nov 20 2001

It could be like the X-Files Collectable Card Game (CCG) where you get Halfbaker cards and try to make intelligent, constructive or surreal comments to ideas that other people play from their deck. You could have special cards you play on the ideas, rather than commenting them, such as "mfd", "mfe", "rant" and "lament".
-- Aristotle, Nov 20 2001

//putting DrBob's top half on lewisgirl's bottom half//

Her heels would collapse under the strain.
-- DrBob, Nov 20 2001

Sparki's ponytails on DrBob.
-- lewisgirl, Nov 20 2001

UB: That sound like Halfopoly.

[And yes, i did half-bake that idea]
-- [ sctld ], Nov 21 2001

I'll attack you with my Apostrophe Shooter for using 'their' instead of 'they're'.
OK, I'll evade it with my Personal Smoke Screen.

Damn my friend Chi and his Tragic: The Saddening obsession.
-- CoolerKing, Nov 21 2001

Rats... I was just going to suggest a yu-ghi-oh version of this idea...
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 30 2002

You could always do trump cards. There easy to make, fun, require very little rules and when someone starts losing always provoke either laughter or violent confrontation.
-- talen, Jan 07 2003

They sat round the circular table and eyed each other suspiciously. Of the five, two held their cards close to their chest, two held them fanned out at a comfortable distance and one just left them in a face down pile on the table. In the sickly yellow light cast by the rapidly dying bulb, they all looked mean, moody, ready for some action and extremely jaundiced. hippo it was who moved first, he drew from the deck and then from the middle of his easily fanned hand he slapped down a card and announced, “I’m attacking bristolz with my 'The Spork', threat rating 0”. bristolz eased her cards carefully away from her chest and tried to hide the dismay she was feeling. hippo’s attack was puny but had to be defended or she’d lose one of her five lives. She drew a card, hoping for the ‘White House Thesaurus Airdrop’ or ‘Murphy’s Lawyers’ but it was the ‘Harley Krishnas’, a good attacking card but no use for defence. She had one option though. It seemed such a waste but, perhaps the others would be bluffed into thinking that she had plenty of defence to waste. Carelessly she tossed her only hope onto the table. “I summon help using my ‘Panic Pin’, defence value 349.” It was ridiculous overkill but at least she’d saved herself she thought, as she sat back in her chair. Opposite her, jutta smiled fiendishly. She reached down to her unattended pile of cards on the table and interrupted the turn by flipping over the top one. She held bristolz’s gaze all the while. “Marked for Deletion” it read. “Sorry bris,” jutta said, sounding not at all sorry, as she drew two from the deck. bristolz adjusted her counter down to four and sat there disgruntled as jutta set about poor st3f with the ‘Theory of Subjective Time Perception’.
-- DrBob, Aug 05 2003

Hah. I would too so win.
-- bristolz, Sep 06 2003

+ I churned this for the charmingishness of it...
-- xandram, Aug 02 2006

//Hah. I would too so win//she so would.

love you bris, wherever you are...

thanks, x - for some reason i luv u 2.
-- po, Aug 02 2006

[po] missed this yesterday....xoxoxoxox to you~~with love.
-- xandram, Aug 03 2006

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