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Polite discussion between extremists in the atmosphere of a bbq.

Political, religious and social leaders are hand picked from across the world and are booked have a bbq and discuss their opinions on a weekend. They fly over and have a bbq together and discuss their opinions in the calm environment of a bonfire bbq. At the end of the day they all star in the "BBQ for Haters" show and display their new opinions and alterred judgements.

The bbq will be patrolled and observed by several objective journalists who will compile questions for the host of the show. This is almost like big brother for the extremists so they will have to be on their best behaviour and not embaress their cause. The show will also have to promise that the extremists were not handpicked for their stupidity in order to embaress a cause.

The organisers of the creativity bbq are devout believers in the fact that if Karl Marx, Mussolini, Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, George Bush, Bin Laden, Yasser Arafat, Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King were to sit down and have a discussion they would not leap up and start killing each other and that their followers should set an example.

Bear in mind the bbq will have to serve kosher food and no beef if for instance jews and hindus were invited that weekend etc.
-- 0_owaffleo_0, Oct 20 2003

UN at the Texas ranch...
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 20 2003

Hadn't seen this before. Need to reword the last sentence, but +
-- thumbwax, May 02 2004

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