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bellybutton mp3 player   (+12)  [vote for, against]

an mp3 player that plops easily into any shaped bellybutton and comfortably held in place using a small suction pad.
n.b. those unfortunates possessing ‘outies ‘ would need a metal ring or something.

he/she shall have music wherever they go (even in the shower with the additional waterproof cover)

the bellybutton has been technologically sadly neglected for way too long and would seem to be the ideal docking station for your mobile musical gear.
-- po, Jun 10 2007

Gettin' close, size-wise http://www.gadgetun...tail.asp?SKU=TA+453
[half, Jun 10 2007]

//n.b. those unfortunates possessing ‘outies // should be beaten with a big stick. For being freakishly different. damn "muties"

The rest of us can enjoy these wonderful devices. bb3 players?
-- Jinbish, Jun 10 2007

umbi3. Paging Mr. Cronenberg...
-- jutta, Jun 10 2007

totally impractical and useless - in other words perfect bakery material [+]
-- xenzag, Jun 10 2007

//sound out ? //

Bluetooth earphones?
-- Jinbish, Jun 10 2007

Why not make it the size of a hearing aid? Then stick it in your ear? You could make something else (bluetooth linked of corse) to put in your other ear so that stereo sound would be achevied. I garentee that the second they can squeeze everything on a single chip it will happen.
-- evilpenguin, Jun 11 2007

+ I think this would be great for pregnant women to let their baby listen to music in the womb.
-- xandram, Jun 11 2007

I don't seem to have bellybutton - how sad is that?

hi po, purrrrrrrrrrrrr!
-- The Kat, Jun 12 2007

you have actually, it just needs some searching and scratching about.

alternatively dear, you could stick this ..
-- po, Jun 13 2007

I received this today, hopefully it has the same round controls as the iPod.

"Apple Computers announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music in women's breast implants. The iBoob will cost between $499 and $599. This is considered to be a major breakthrough, because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them. Thanks to Apple, now everyone will be happy."
-- marklar, Jun 14 2007

Perfect for listening to Echobelly. (iPo)

//Yeah, lay back luv, I'm just going to insert some batteries...//
-- Dub, Jun 16 2007

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