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a much nicer approach to the art of spin bowling.

its quite off-putting to watch the bowlers spit on and polish their balls. the entire fielding side appear to take a share in this activity – taking turns to add their spit to the leather and rub it in. it’s probably a superstitious thing.

apparently, one needs to wet one side of a ball and shine it up for it to swerve inwards (or outwards) to hit the stumps behind the batsman’s leg.

I propose that a dog could be utilised for this; as mascot/ ball salivator. he/she could sit obediently beside the umpire while the balls are bowled and then trained to scamper up to the bowler to give the ball a good licking. obviously the dog would be trained not to assist with fielding.
-- po, Aug 26 2005

info - cricket balls http://www.answers....opic/cricket-ball-2
[po, Aug 26 2005]

http://www.asiahome...chair_Singapore.jpg [calum, Aug 26 2005]

Fido warming up
[Shz, Aug 26 2005]

Lick surcharge http://www.cartoons...lowres/jkon497l.jpg
[mbedded, Oct 19 2010]

Re training: perhaps clamp the dog in the link.
-- calum, Aug 26 2005

Oh, the things you learn here at the Bakery. I had thought cricket and baseball had similar rules for spit ball polish; I was wrong.
-- Coal Drag, Aug 26 2005

Should this be 'swing it with Fido' or even 'reverse swing it with Fido'. Or is that something different?
-- st3f, Aug 26 2005

A Saint Bernard would be perfect.
-- Zimmy, Aug 26 2005

I'm fascinated that there are people who spit on and polish their balls.

What is spin bowling?
-- sleeka, Aug 26 2005

Think slider or curveball, then remember that in cricket the ball usually bounces before the batsman hits it.
-- DrCurry, Aug 26 2005

Matthew Hoggard's dog was there today funnily enough.
-- po, Aug 26 2005

oops. I deleted gnome! so sorry mate...

he said it wasn't his dog but the same haircut or something - I was going to retort that the commentator said it was his dog.

once again, so sorry, gt. :(

I can't believe I did that - there's a first!
-- po, Aug 26 2005

[DrCurry] I see. We're still pretty confused by cricket here in the States.
-- sleeka, Aug 26 2005

You can borrow Sammo if you like. That way you could have a wet 'n slobbery side.
-- wagster, Aug 26 2005

damn it - I did it again. I need glasses. sorry, RS. please post that again!
-- po, Aug 27 2005

Automatic penaty for roughing the bowl ... show of hand is waived.
-- reensure, Aug 27 2005

Just to clarify, Sammo is a dog.
-- wagster, Aug 27 2005

after the 'Wimbledon' flick, I can't wait for the forthcoming sequel 'The Ashes' a love story with sordid bits / ball tampering investigated by a forensic team / bestiality (oh sorry, it was just his haircut!) / tears, laughter, fall-about comedy, tantrums and YES! success at last for the good guys... England beat the Aussies

fingers crossed, I have not put the mockers on the remaining two tests.
-- po, Aug 27 2005

They could even make a cute little dog cricketer outfit for it. OOOh, just imagine, a little hat, and a litter v-necked sweater!!! Ooh, I'd watch the entire match just to see the little mite running around!

- By the way, I love the link [Shz]
-- chocolateraindrops, Aug 27 2005


sorry, getting a bit excited here...
-- po, Aug 28 2005

Dogs - hmmm, fuckin useless.
-- The Kat, Aug 29 2005

What if the dog had high standards and refused to slobber on the foreign object? AS IF you could find such a dog. [+]
-- sophocles, Aug 29 2005

Obviously the dog would have to be a Spitz.
-- Whistlebritches, Oct 19 2010

you created an account for that? amazed.
-- po, Oct 19 2010

[amazed] er, [po] No. This makes two (steps carefully away from keyboard)
-- Whistlebritches, Oct 19 2010

Too late, [Whistlebritches], you're hooked for life now.
-- pocmloc, Oct 20 2010

I use sweat meself, Spittin's for girls!
-- DrBob, Oct 20 2010

To get extra accounts? You work far too hard, Dear Dr.
-- blissmiss, Oct 20 2010

Nah, fer polishin' me balls, silly!
-- DrBob, Oct 20 2010

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