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share a bath with a friend and save water by bathing in any medium that you fancy (stuff to go in the bath not psychic mediums)

some people (I have it on good authority) like to bathe with their significant other, in stuff other than water. stuff like asses milk or baked beans or chocolate mousse, muesli or fruit salad.

on pondering this state of affairs, I began to wonder how they emptied the bath and how often they have to call in a plumber to unblock the plumbing when it is stuffed up with pineapple chunks etc.

so I propose to completely reinvent the bathroom plumbing so that the outlet pipes are much, much bigger and come with a waste disposal system. if you think that this sort of thing might be a pleasant addition to your household, you might consider the shape of the bath and having the plughole located in a little niche (on the lines of how the appendix is a little offshoot of the gut) rather than under one of the occupants’ rear ends – nasty.

four taps: hot, cold, your choice of bathing medium coming from a tank (which you replenish as and when necessary) and an obligatory cheese tap.

just be careful you don’t lose your rubber duck.
-- po, Feb 12 2003

Obligatory "Cheese taps" link https://web.archive.../idea/Cheese_20taps
[my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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Bathing in mud http://www.compusma...antis/SEAOFLIFE.htm
Is apparently not a problem: "The content of this bag can be washed into regular home systems." [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Cowboy Bubble Bath http://www.smhorse.com/library.html
Can't tell if you're meant to bathe in it or eat it. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Why wouldn't you just fill up an extra-large contractor trash bag, hop in, make merry, and throw the whole mess out when you're done? (remove your girl/boy friend first)
-- roby, Feb 12 2003

I want to shower in tears of joy, sink into a tub of rose nectar and splash my face from a sink full of morning dew.
-- FarmerJohn, Feb 12 2003

lime and chocolate
-- po, Feb 12 2003

Tomato juice showers, for dedicated skunk ranchers.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 12 2003

That's what I love most about this site - solving problems for things we have only heard (or read) about. Has *anybody* here ever *actually* wanted to bath at home in something that would clog up the plughole?

Or is there something you're not telling us, po?
-- DrCurry, Feb 12 2003

Speak for yourself, Curry. Just about anything with slightly sexual connotations is probably something you've only heard about.

I just bucket it into the toilet.
-- waugsqueke, Feb 12 2003

thats a thought, curry! who is for a nice languish in a nice hot madras?
-- po, Feb 12 2003

// probably something you've only heard about.//

Really ? I heard he had a load of books with pictures in. Not many words, and short ones at that - but lots of pictures. He keeps them under his mattress in case his Mum finds them.
-- 8th of 7, Feb 12 2003

Isn't there an idea around for a bathtub garbage disposal? Shirley that would do the trick.
-- phoenix, Feb 12 2003

I think that making plumbing out of Siamese fighting fish is quite cruel, actually (but I guess they'd be used to the water)...
-- Cedar Park, Feb 13 2003

Huh. Lessee. Pint of Grand Marnier = $20 U.S. Bathtub volume = 15 Gallons, more or less... carry the nine... Hey, Wait a minute! How's she supposed to afford that?
-- snarfyguy, Feb 13 2003

//the outlet pipes are much, much bigger and come with a waste disposal system// Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

//Pint of Grand Marnier// And don't light-up after you're finished!

//baked beans// The solution the the problem is simple, [Po]. Just do it at your date's place and beat a hasty retreat, leaving him to ladle the baked beans into the toilet after you've gone.
-- FloridaManatee, Feb 13 2003

Turn a fully loaded refrigerator stacked with yogurt,ice cream,cream cakes,milk,fruit,wine,butter,ice pops,cheese,fish fingers,eggs etc.. on its back,hit defrost and then open the fridge door and climb in once it has defrosted with all the slushy contents floating in water.
-- skinflaps, Feb 13 2003

Whatever you put in the tub, it has to be warm and smell good, or I'm not getting into the bath with it. You may as well turn out the lights too: it doesn't matter what it looks like, as long it feels right. Right?
-- roby, Feb 13 2003

waugsqueke: should have guessed.
-- DrCurry, Feb 13 2003

I like this idea a lot, but there's something about a garbage disposal in the bath tub that makes me a little nervous.
-- Wisconsin, Feb 13 2005

you're in good hands - trust me. ha ha!
-- po, Feb 13 2005

There was an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer had a garbage disposal installed in his shower. -"Unclean! Unclean!"
-- jaksplat, Feb 13 2005

[po]-No, the hands I'm in have been bad, very very bad, and need to be washed clean with...pineapple chunks?
-- Wisconsin, Feb 14 2005

Is this idea really 2 years old? Just that the dates go Feb 12, Feb 13, Feb 14, with a two-year gap in between.
-- david_scothern, Feb 14 2005

Already baked.. somewhat.. being that bathroom fixtures can be fitted with adapters to increase the size of the standard 1Œ" outlet to 3".
-- Jscotty, Jan 11 2009

I don't see why the drain has to be made bigger, I mean people put all kinds of things down the sink and its drain isn't that big. It's probably possible to install a garbage disposal into a standard bath drain, although you may have to switch to a clawfoot tub so there's room underneath.
-- Spacecoyote, Jan 11 2009

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