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the best non-tennis game to play on a tennis court

Firstly a bit of history behind the name:
bi: identifies the bicyle aspect of the game
quasi: used to identify that this game heralds from many different sports, thus is a "quasi" original game.
1) tennis ball
2) two bikes
3) tennis court
4) two golf clubs

Set up goals preferably on the baseline fence so it doesnt interfere. Get on your bikes and play like you would half court basketball, only on your bikes dribbling the ball with your golf club towards the goal.
Several rules need to be made to make this a more credible game.
1) Shots can only be made when past the baseline, i.e relatively close to the goals. Penalty: possesion for opponent at point of strike
2) No bike to bike contact. Penalty: free hit if in offence, possession if in defence
3) After a turnover to make the ball in your possession you must hit the ball into the net but only when the ball is between the service line and the net. This is to prevent people from smacking the ball into the net from deep defence.
4) if any of your feet touch the ground, an indirect free hit or free dribble is awarded (opponent may stand 5m away)
5) once the ball has been hit into the net, the person who now has possession starts by entering through the gap between the right fence and right part of the net. The opponent must be stationary behind the baseline until contact is initially made with the ball.

There are other rules that you may want to introduce to prevent certain loopholes, but i simply experiment. Have fun working out moves to dazzle and bamboozle your opponent. Perhaps a few safety rules about the height of your golf swing could be introduced. From experience the game works best 1 on 1 and on a tennis court, i would be open to modifications.
-- phlegm, Oct 16 2003

Bicycle Polo
Looks easy doesn't it... [boffin, Oct 04 2004]

This sounds like a hospital visit for me!
-- Letsbuildafort, Oct 16 2003

Bicycle Polo most definitely baked. I used to play it and it is much harder than it looks. The potential for superman impressions is very high, with all those mallets.
-- boffin, Oct 17 2003

Reminds me of the time I tried Automotive Pole-vaulting. I miss that car. And my arm.
-- waistcoat, Oct 17 2003

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