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lets give the politicians a dose of reality

the huge success of Big Brother in the UK and Survivor in the US has seen audience voting figures for these shows totally outstrip the turn out for general elections, so... each political party selects their candidates and we ship them all of to an island, or stick emm in a the big brother house and view then 24/7.

We set them tasks such as come up with a fair and representive tax system, achieve peace in the middle east without bloodshed and based on their debates and performances we at home get to vote them out one by one. Last guy/or girl in gets to run the country.

It would take a couple of months to whittle them down, so its shorter and cheaper than all that electioneering, especially in the U.S. It would make political parties choose much more interesting candidates. Also it would get the young voters interested in these guys, maybe. Plus we get to see loads of politicians in their undies. ewwww
-- etherman, Apr 29 2004

Showtime: American Candidate
Candidates face off against each other in "Survivor"-style challenges; all rounds but the first have viewers voting one candidate off the show. Political consultants invited to help; candidates give speeches across the US. Originally, this was planned to end July 4th 2004, in time for the winning candidate to enter the actual political race. R.J.Cutler ("The War Room" -- rent it if you like this idea) is executive producer. [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

general elections voting hits a fairly narrow demographic too these days.
-- etherman, Apr 29 2004

not a rant [ldischler] just an attempt to use a cultural phenomenon to encourage more people to get involved in the democratic process.
-- etherman, Apr 29 2004

So the countries would be run by the victors in a survivor-type television show. Well, okay, since I suppose that could actually happen, I've remove the MFD.
-- ldischler, Apr 29 2004

cheers mate, no chance of a croissant tho?
-- etherman, Apr 29 2004

yeah but we vote them into the commons. they are voted out of the BB house. negative voting seems to be more popular than positive voting. maybe the parties should nominate 1200 candidates then we have to find out who the idiots, crooks and psycho's are, voting them off till we're left with a full commons.
-- etherman, Apr 29 2004

I'll vote for this, as long as it's only one part of the political process. We generally see only the polished exterior side of politicians - you can tell a lot about a person when there's no firewood and only one coconut to share.
-- Worldgineer, Apr 29 2004

Share? We're talking about politicians, right?

The whole idea of being able to vote politicians out at any time would be a great check on the system. I likes.
The whole Big Brother atmosphere, I dislikes. Have a bun anyway.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 29 2004

Here in the UK, the "bright sparks" who came up with the Pop Idol show are apparently currently working on a political version, where a number of candidates will be subjected to the usual reality-show hoop-jumping and elimination voting shennanigans until only one remains. He or she will then become a candidate at a local election, and could then become an MP. Not sure of the actual ins and outs of it (what parties will be respresented, etc), but the wheels are already in motion.

Still doesn't make this a good idea, though.
-- lostdog, Apr 29 2004

I thought politics rather imitated reality shows anyways, so what's the invention again?
-- RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2004

the invention isn't an imitation, its the real thing. Ofcourse if BB 5 is anything to go by this will involve watching alot of politicians having sex! uurrrgghhkk.
-- etherman, Jun 01 2004

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