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natural kitchen wares / art project

Birds make all kinds of nests, but of course the cup-style nest would be the best to use here. Do not take a nest until the birds have abandoned it for the season. One may also make a simulated bird’s nest from the same materials that the birds use. [see link]

Try to compact it and make it sturdy and symmetrical. Then dip it entirely into a natural resin or a plastic resin that will harden completely when dry. You now have a bird nest bowl. You might want to make some twig chopsticks or carve some burl spoons to go along with your bowl.

(some folks might like to try this for having their Bird’s Nest Soup)

{I was surprised that I couldn’t find any artist who has done this, so if someone does find one, please post a link. Thanks.}
-- xandram, Oct 04 2006

make a bird nest http://pbskids.org/...sci/birdsnests.html
[xandram, Oct 04 2006]

Bird's Nest Paper http://www.theearth...rds-nest-paper.html
Paper made from (abandoned) birds' nests. A Thai speciality, it seems. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2006]

Michael Aram: polished aluminum nest bowls http://www.arteffec...=2859&pfid=AET00827
[jutta, Oct 05 2006]

super bowl? http://www.arup.com...ure.cfm?pageid=2518
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 05 2006]

Birds nest egg cup. I'd crack an egg or two.
-- skinflaps, Oct 04 2006

How do birds make those nests with just a beak anyway??? I swear, if birds had even one more limb, they would take over the world.
-- phundug, Oct 04 2006

We have a bird's nest (made by a craftsman) lying around the house somewhere. I'd note that natural bird's nests should be disinfected before use, or you're running the risk of all sorts of bizarre diseases and/or parasites.
-- DrCurry, Oct 04 2006

The birds had their chance ruling the world. They had 150 million years in charge! Now it's the mammals in charge! Woo Hoo! Go Fighting Lactactors!
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 04 2006

Thank you for the note on sanitation. [DrCurry]
Boys and girls, be sure to remove any bird poo from the nest, also.
(I would think that an air-tight lamination would kill anything inside, or at least not be able to come through the plastic or whatever.)
-- xandram, Oct 04 2006

//Try to compact it and make it sturdy and symmetrical. // That takes away the authenticity, does it not?

In Indonesia, the folks who farm bird's nests put up loudspeakers that blast out bird calls.
-- baconbrain, Oct 04 2006

I would think that form fitting a glass bowl in the already formed nest would give rise to an easier cleaning situation. So the bird's nest wouldn't really be the bowl, sort of a bowl cozy for that "I live in the wild woods and am really a part of nature" person look.
-- NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 04 2006

[baconbrain] I totally agree with your statement about authenticity, but I meant to hold it together for dipping. Some are rather fragile. It was a bad choice of words on my part, because I never envisoned them perfectly *symmetrical*, just to keep it together.

<aside> After I thought of this idea this morning, I found a tiny nest along the top of the door to our woodshed. It's made of moss and grasses. I feel that it is a gift.
-- xandram, Oct 04 2006

I have done a "nest" project with my students, and some of them did work based on casts and latex dipped nests, but that does not diminish the originality of thought of this idea.

Nests are wonderful, especially the contrast between the chaotic outer shell and their smooth calm, delicate interiors (the direct opposite of me in other words - (shuffles off to wave up to the flocks of starlings swirling around the abandoned gantries of local ship-yard) Tosses bun in air for bird to swoop down and snap up +
-- xenzag, Oct 04 2006

//I feel that it is a gift.// So you took it and turned it into a shot glass?
-- Shz, Oct 05 2006

[xenzag] I truly love your poetical outlook on things. Nests are so beautiful. I just love looking at them. I wish I was in your class.
-- xandram, Oct 05 2006

I wish I didn't keep reading *bowels*.
-- po, Oct 05 2006

[po] I would love to visit and adjust your glasses for you, though I read some funny stuff myself at times. Then we could go out for a drink!
-- xandram, Oct 05 2006

apologies [xandram]. yeah, would be lovely.
-- po, Oct 06 2006

aw, don't worry [po] once we have a few, we won't care what the heck it says!
-- xandram, Oct 06 2006

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