Sport: Bowling
bowling with a defense   (+6)  [vote for, against]
An otherwise passive sport becomes aggressive

What makes bowling more of a game than a sport is the lack of a defense. The sport needs a goalie. A team's defense would consist of three rotating goalies. The offense would consist of one bowler and two blockers. The blockers would begin running down the lane to remove the goalie. When they pass a designated line the bowler must roll the ball. The rest of the scoring is done traditionally. The equipment sales alone should be enough to get the marketing execs behind this one.
-- buckrogers, Jan 25 2001

How about the attacker with his bowling ball and the defender standing next to him with a rifle? A slow-moving 16 pound ball, and a light but fast moving bullet, and see who is better...
-- StarChaser, Jan 28 2001

I would think something like a smaller 3 pound ball rolled afterward to deflect the original ball might be fun... the original rollee would get a free roll and would immediately defend the small-ball roller from getting anything down the lane... I suppose there would need to be a redesigned ball return system, so perhaps it would have to be the original size.
-- pnewp, Jan 30 2001

And how about then have pins set up behind both players? Then the defender could also have a chance of scoring or knocking your ball into the gutter. The only thing, you would both be standing in the way of the balls. Do they both set their balls going and then dive out of the way? Or maybe have U shaped defense equipment that sends the ball back at your side of the alley at speed to try for a quick return score...
-- wylee, May 02 2001

pnewps comment reminded me of a time i went bowling with friends and a ball stopped 1/2 way down the gutter so we spent ages sending more down to dislodge it and ended up with about 5 balls stuck in each gutter

luckily since we were on the end alley someone walked down the side between the wall and the alley and pushed the balls to the end
-- chud, Sep 16 2001

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