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what it says on the side of the van that brings it all…

a service that brings all that nice healthy gym equipment to your door, hangs about for an hour or two and then takes it all away again.

all the treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, crosstrainers, weights that your little heart – I mean cardio-vascular organ – could ever want.

a considerable amount of people spend vast amounts of money on subscriptions to gyms and then a. never go or b. use it as a social meeting place to have a nice meal and hang about the pool gossiping.

some of us buy a piece of exercise equipment and then a . never use it when the novelty wears off or b . never use it when the novelty wears off - because well, it gets tedious.

now, this is like ordering a pizza – well, its not obviously because pizzas make you fat and exercising doesn’t. you telephone your order and withing half an hour your local “bring the gym” franchise is at your door with all your toppings and a pepsi… so to speak. all the equipment is heaved into your living room by fit looking athletes to spur you on in your healthy aspirations. (or perspirations).
-- po, Oct 17 2007

Mobile Gym
Splendid idea po. In fact it's so good that it's already been done. Several times. [DrBob, Oct 22 2007]

Nude Bubble Gym of Death Nude_20Bubble_20Gym_20of_20Death
"Our staff will set up the portable Nude Bubble Gym of Death in your front garden..." [hippo, Oct 22 2007]

Just found this stateside:
[k_sra, Oct 24 2007]

i'd just be tempted to ask them to help me move some heavy things around. +
-- k_sra, Oct 17 2007

If you help heave all that stuff into your living room and back out again you can basically skip the workout.

Bun, I've had to change gyms and the new one is always packed to the rafters with people. This would be so much nicer 2-3 days a week.
-- Noexit, Oct 17 2007

You know, Po, that's not actually such a stupid idea...
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2007

not quite sure how to take that, MB.
-- po, Oct 18 2007

I was actually thinking about this last night while not being able to access my gym. It becomes more workable if the equipment doesn't need to be loaded and unloaded each time. I think you could easily use a trailer for this and larger scale something like an RV.
-- Noexit, Oct 18 2007

do you think the government might actually fund an anti-obesity idea?
-- po, Oct 19 2007

// do you think the government might actually fund an anti-obesity idea?//

If they just lay off the corn syrup subsidy it would be a good start.

A few free weights, a swiss ball and a trainer that drives the van would work alright.
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 20 2007

I meant my government - yours sounds complicated.
-- po, Oct 20 2007

I like this - It's a bit like joining a gym, and turning up once, but with none of the embarrassment, and all of the ego stroking, and without having to fill-up your shed with rusting rowing machines and exercise bikes.
-- Dub, Oct 22 2007

hehe, this is great! + +
-- xandram, Oct 22 2007

With the cheap version of this service they grab you as soon as you open the door and measure your BMI, resting heart rate and blood pressure. They then bundle you into their van and drive you a distance away from your home determined by your fitness level. You then have to run home.
-- hippo, Oct 22 2007

But then you could just go to a pub. I suppose that's why it's the cheap version.
-- theleopard, Oct 22 2007

- sorry, forgot to add: they strip-search you in the back of the van to make sure you don't have any money (for the pub or for the bus fare home). It's basically like being kidnapped.
-- hippo, Oct 22 2007

Really great idea.
-- doctorremulac3, Oct 22 2007

oooh, in the US, a van will drive around and park in front of your house and you can go out and workout on their machines. Too bad they won't also drive around the city for a "working tour." only difference, equipment stays in the truck.
-- k_sra, Oct 24 2007

hmmm, too lazy to hump it all into my living room...?

UK guys would do it in a heartbeat...or two.
-- po, Oct 24 2007

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