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Food: Potato
canned mash   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]
mashed potato in a tin

you can get almost anything in a tin can but I cannot find canned mashed potato anywhere.

for potato lovers everywhere who want a quick gourmet meal in seconds to go with their canned meat and vegetables or hotdogs and spaghetti.

cooked and creamed to perfection in the factory with dollops of real butter and full cream milk and whisked until it has the frothy consistency of angel’s breath. no hard little lumps in this heavenly blend.

there is no reason why there should not be a whole range of different mashes – mash with onion, mash with cheese or mash with chives.

mash like mother used to make (in a hurry).
-- po, May 12 2004

Who needs a can when you've got one of these?
[DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

Idahoan Real Premium Instant Mashed Potatoes http://www.spicepla...php/products_id/109
Not a tin. [phoenix, Oct 05 2004]

Google search for "canned mashed potatoes"
Only 18 hits, but indications they exist. Damned if I can find them though. [phoenix, Oct 05 2004]

Cooking With Canned Pilchards http://www.lannices.../book_pilchards.htm
Unrelated, but uncovered searching for canned cottage pie! [MikeOliver, Oct 05 2004]

jblack's link as a link. http://www.michaelf...simply_potatoes.cfm
[po, Oct 05 2004]

Harry Hill
If you love mash and you love comedy then you'll love Harry Hill (best served with pork or lamb) [MikeOliver, Oct 05 2004]

MRE "style" meals with mashed potatoes
[half, Oct 05 2004]

Cadbury's Smash
The advert is far better than the product! [DrBob, Nov 01 2013]

(?) Bodger & Badger https://en.wikipedi...ger_%26_Badger#Plot
Of tangential interest. [DrBob, Nov 01 2013]

You could slop in onto your plate in a can shaped pile.
Dunno why thats a good thing, but it does have a certain appeal.

How do you get 10 halfbakers in a phone booth?
Tell them there's a tin of mash in there!

How do you get them out again?
Run past with a can opener!
-- MikeOliver, May 12 2004

-- yabba do yabba dabba, May 12 2004

Odd thing, no cans of mashed potatoes.
-- ldischler, May 12 2004

Best guess is that they simply can't be stored that way without spoiling. Instant (dehydrated) potato flakes didn't come along until the 1960's.
-- phoenix, May 12 2004

Re: [phoenix]' link, those do/did come in a can, I have a #10 can that I use for mixing paint in. No idea where it came from.
-- half, May 12 2004

i'm sure i've seen cottage pie in a can, so if the mash stays fresh in that, then it should be fine on its own.
Would be airtight and watertight, so can't see the problem.
Just talking about this is getting me hungry.
-- MikeOliver, May 12 2004

[see link. --admin]
These are in the refridgerated section by the eggs.I havent tried the mashed ones yet but I'm a fan of the hashbrowns.
-- jblack, May 12 2004

oh no thank you, not instant mash! the only good thing about that was the adverts.
-- po, May 12 2004

Have to agree with [jblack] about the Michael's potatoes .... one of life's simple pleasures.
On with my search for _really_ large sweet pickles.
-- dpsyplc, May 12 2004

why-not-justing? Ha!
-- yabba do yabba dabba, May 12 2004

do you have the means to do that?
-- po, May 13 2004

Mashes potatoes come in MREs. Not sure if they're canned or foil-packed.
-- waugsqueke, May 13 2004

waugs, I am not understanding that.
-- po, May 13 2004

He's saying it might be baked, but it's definitely mashes.
-- ldischler, May 13 2004

Actually, waugs, I think they're instant potatoes. That way they retain the long shelf life and all you have to do is add water.
-- Letsbuildafort, May 13 2004

Or canned potato skins. +
-- sartep, May 13 2004

Sure, you could have mashed potatoes in a can, but then you'd have to eat them. considering that things in cans are kinda gross already, I wouldn't touch canned mashed potatoes.
-- schematics, May 13 2004

Just rang my dad, who is a university professor in a food science and technology department to ask him about whether you can can mashed potato.

He's not sure.

Which is useful.

He thinks that probably with the heat involved in canning you would start to get separation of the starch and water in the mash which would be detrimental to the product. Maybe this is why you can get lots of dried mash products (like Smash). He also wondered if it was just not economical for manufacturers.

They have a pilot canning plant so he's going to ask the man who runs it about canning mashed potato.

Hurrah for dads that know stuff.
-- hazel, May 14 2004

[hazel]. can I suggest that one of the first cans of the production line is despatched bleedin' fast to London, marked for the attention of [po]. Twas her idea and I think she needs a can.
-- jonthegeologist, May 14 2004

wow my first ready-baked idea, thanks hazel.
-- po, May 14 2004

No promises! It's just that Dad wondered if they'd already tried it...
-- hazel, May 14 2004

You can get packet mash (called smash). Simply add 800ml of bowling water to a packet (serves approx. 10 people) and stir till rich and creamy. A sound yummy doesn’t it? But don’t let the instructions deceive you, this smash as they call it is a recipe for disaster and tastes nothing like the real thing.

Po's canned mash will revolutionise the world of quick mash.
-- magic_ki, May 14 2004

yeah mash has a tendency to go...well weird if stord for any amount of time. it can start to seperate and go mental. but dont talk about smash, this is a potato debate and smash is herecy to real potato lovers...grrr
-- etherman, May 14 2004

Mash-tastic idea.
-- dobtabulous, May 14 2004

canned potato cakes..? dont what my mum would think of that.
-- etherman, May 14 2004

//Maybe I'll post another one in a few weeks to see if there's any change.//are you expecting something to incubate in there or something?

well done!
-- po, Jun 03 2004

It lives i tell you it lives.
-- engineer1, Jun 03 2004

ooh, a canned mash webcam - please!
-- po, Jun 03 2004

Or canned mash blog, now there is an idea written in the big brother style,

Day 1 the mash is made.

Day 2 still mash.... etc
-- engineer1, Jun 04 2004

you had it in a jar, I knew that was a mistake.
-- po, Jun 22 2004

Desert Fox, paging Desert Fox...........................................................Would Desert Fox please report to the technical help desk, there seems to be a problem with the entry.
-- dentworth, Jun 22 2004

-- po, Jun 23 2004

//He// Nice one [Brau]... oh, and here's a bun, [po] +
-- Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 23 2004

-- DrBob, Nov 01 2013

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