Product: Laser Pointer
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diamond tip laser pointer

For those who have everything, now comes a laser pointer with a diamond tip (just because you can show off.) Makes a great gift for the educator, instructor, astronomer, researcher or just about anyone who uses these crafty devices.

Wherever the user points, others will follow.
-- xandram, Jul 15 2013

<Joe>Hey, this is a nice little pointer! It'll even write my name on this piece of glass!

<Mark>Like heck! it's only a 5 milliwatt, it won't do anything to the glass!

<Joe>Bet ya a tenner...

<scratch:scratch/> <laughter/> <swearing/>
-- lurch, Jul 16 2013

I think the phrase; The wand chooses the wizard, deserves no inclusion?
You know, because an inclusion can refract light...
which would be bad in a laser pointer...

I'll let myself out. (+)
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 16 2013

Isn't a bad laser pointer a good halfbaked idea? haha
-- xandram, Jul 16 2013

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