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…for fizzy food

sometimes there is just not enough life on your plate.

as the bubbles rise to the surface, the carbonated ketchup bubbles and spits and redistributes itself tastefully on and around your food. the dull-looking splodge at the side of your plate merrily paints a life-art painting on your quarterburger with fries.

this product is brought to you by the gaseous gourmet
-- po, May 08 2003

57 Varieties of ketchup. http://www.geocitie..._pluto/ketchup.html
Including our favourite, number 16. [Cedar Park, Oct 05 2004]

Pop Ketchup
Last year's effervescent Spanish sensation. Sorta carbonated. [jurist, Oct 05 2004]

I thought they were called chips.
-- thumbwax, May 08 2003

[thumb]: I thought Chips was a bad 70's show starring Erik Estrada.
-- Cedar Park, May 08 2003

If you put carbonated mustard on the plate next to the carbonated ketchup they'd mix together into a yummy mustardy ketchuppy goop. Mmmm!
-- hippo, May 08 2003

"But you know what they put on french fries in Holland instead of carbonated ketchup? Carbonated mayonnaise."
-- friendlyfire, May 08 2003

Of course this would make slapping the bottom of the ketchup bottle unnecessary (and potentially dangerous).

Bakable: Put ketchup in a seltzer bottle. Add CO2. Shake well. Blame [po].
-- Cedar Park, May 08 2003

You say that like it's a bad thing.
-- thumbwax, May 08 2003

It has Po-tential.
-- jurist, May 08 2003

Carbonated tabasco. Ouch.
-- oatcake, May 08 2003

I just read the idea again... //the dull-looking splodge at the side of your plate merrily paints a life-art painting// are we talking about GENETICALLY ENGINEERED KETCHUP HERE? I'm calling PETK!
-- Cedar Park, May 08 2003

of course, not. its a random conceptual art taste feste.
-- po, May 08 2003

Too bad. I find ketchup very un-cooperative and hard to train.
-- Cedar Park, May 08 2003

Even harder if you don't speak the language. [link]
-- jurist, May 08 2003

sounds like it would taste interesting, no doubt
-- peter2, May 08 2003

Sounds - um - interesting. Given the consistency of ketchup, though, and that fact that it's shear-thinning, you would need to a)package it in a good strong container so that it doesn't explode when you shake it and b) incorporate some sort of blow off-valve so that it doesn't fizz ketchup everywhere when you open the bottle.

I kind of like the idea of some red goop that behaves like a hot mud spring just sitting at the side of my plate. The possibilities for practical jokes using this technology in brown sauce are endless...
-- egbert, May 08 2003

eeewwww. hello eggy.
-- po, May 08 2003

Mmmmmmm...Egs 'n' ketchup.
-- egbert, May 08 2003

Would certainly help get the ketchup out of the bottle. Of course, it would then be all over your dining partner, so I'm not sure that is an advantage.
-- DrCurry, May 08 2003

And just when it became relatively safe to hand ketchup bottles to my kids. – Thanks po.

<Runs out to buy more cleaning products>
-- Shz, May 08 2003

[eg]//when you shake it// //fizz ketchup everywhere// Please don't shake the ketchup.
-- Worldgineer, May 08 2003

How could anyone vote *against* carbonated ketchup? There's just no pleasing some people.
-- snarfyguy, May 08 2003

How could anyone vote against food that moves itself in general? No sense of humor I guess.
-- Shz, May 08 2003

"Mmmm..fizzy bacon butty"
-- skinflaps, May 12 2003

I voted against it because I don't think "carbonated X" is a particularly inventive idea template (with all due respect, po). I voted against carbonated milk and carbonated coffee too. And I'll probably vote against carbonated vinegar whenever someone gets around to posting it. Carbonated peanut butter, I'll have to consider first.
-- waugsqueke, May 12 2003

In general, colored food is not a particularly inventive idea either, nor do I find it desirable myself but man, oh man, do I wish I had invested early in purple and green ketchup stock. Doesn't "Pop Rocks" candy successfully exploit its niche in the novel platform of carbonated foods as opposed to beverages? It's been around since I was a kid.
-- Tiger Lily, May 12 2003

So Wagsgreek, you brought it back just to slag it off?
-- The Kat, May 12 2003

Are you talking to me? With that unfortunate spelling it's hard to tell for sure.

I didn't bring anything back. It was here already. Someone asked the question, so I answered it.
-- waugsqueke, May 12 2003

I am actually very proud of this idea. I did an illustration to go with it but that was not very well done at all.
-- po, May 12 2003

Nothin' worse than flat, warm ketchup.
-- k_sra, May 12 2003

Cats kan't spell.
-- pluterday, May 12 2003

[po] As you should be. I now wish everything was carbonated.
-- Worldgineer, May 12 2003

-Carbonated lipgloss
-- Tiger Lily, May 12 2003

Carbonated milk - keep kids off caffinated sugar water.
-- Worldgineer, May 12 2003

Carbonated goat urine.
-- waugsqueke, May 12 2003

Is that the generic name for Diet Mountain Dew?
-- Worldgineer, May 12 2003

Carbonated water!

Oh, wait...
-- egbert, May 13 2003

I think that carbonation alone might fail to cause tomato sauce to failed to be as animated as described. Prehaps you need some kind of tomato sauce repellent that you spray the food with first, making a pattern that someone can only discern when you add the sauce.

Another way would be to pre-mix the sauce with live freshly squirming maggots, therefore adding both animation and extra protein ...
-- Aristotle, May 14 2003

Eeek! I'm taking back my croissant because of that annotation! Sorry [po], you'll have to take it up with [aristotle].

-- snarfyguy, May 14 2003

I could, of course, always delete him but I would never do that.
-- po, May 15 2003

carbonated PEANUT BUTTER? see, carbonated products, in my opinion, are both creative/entertaining/ingenious, and positively revolting. i wouldn't eat carbonated ketchup (then again, i said the same about the green ketchup didn't i)...i'd probly try it though. but i'd probably buy it just to say i've bought carbonated ketchup. that's the mindscheme of the average american consumer. ..another weapon of mass-construction. *calls white house*
-- lore, Jul 17 2003

lore, you are probably correct in that carbonated products are not good for you. its not for everyone - its an adult thing.
-- po, Jul 17 2003

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