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Food: Potato: Chip or Crisp
carrot crisps   (+9, -6)  [vote for, against]
like crisps (chips) but carrot not potato.

brought to you by the makers of canned mash.

carrot crisps for the health conscious amongst us.

thin sliced slivers of carrot - deep fried in healthy pure virgin olive oil with no salt or other additives and packaged in a biodegradeable paper bag.

eat them for a year and we guarantee you can find another pack in the dark.

coming soon - Bugs Bunny will feature on the tv ad.

people say this is baked but I cannot find packs of carrot crisps!
-- po, Oct 06 2004

(?) Carrot Chips (crisps) http://www.shopnatu...40&Product_Count=15
But, made with carrot juice and corn [Klaatu, Oct 06 2004]

You will have to surf the site to find the crisps...but they are there somewhere [suctionpad, Oct 07 2004]

Deep frying in virgin olive oil? Don't!
The fancy cold-pressed virgin olive oil can have smoke points as low as 200 degrees. For deep-frying, use peanut or corn oil. [jutta, Mar 30 2007]

Carrot Chips for Indonesia
to combat Vitamin A deficiency in school children. [jutta, Mar 30 2007]

Carrot Chips from Indonesia
That is not a detailed description. [jutta, Mar 30 2007]

Vegetable Crisps from Edinburgh
Beetroot, carrot, apple, various flavorings. Not fried; dehydrated, I'm guessing. [jutta, Mar 30 2007]

Here ya go, [po] http://www.tyrrells...products/index.html
They're the mutt's nuts (though without the meaty connotations) - available from Waitrose. OK, not strictly /just/ carrot, but parsnip is a lot like carrot. [coprocephalous, Mar 30 2007]

And here's somewhere to find a store http://www.waitrose...urlocalwaitrose.asp
Nothing in Tooting, but the Gateway to the South has a store. [coprocephalous, Mar 30 2007]

Never seen them, but plantain crisps are widely available and luvverly, so I don't see why carrot crisps shouldn't work.
-- wagster, Oct 06 2004

Baked (or should that be fried) by JS, in their "Root Vegetable Crisps" [link - but you need to search for yourselves]. Never tried them, but have a sudden urge to deep fry some carrot slivers in olive oil. Might have to add some rock salt though, for the flavour.
-- suctionpad, Oct 07 2004

-- calum, Oct 07 2004

besides coating them in oil wouldnt deep frying them just destroy all the goodness of carrots?
-- whaymes, Oct 07 2004

How ironic... Po can't find them, but if she could, she could find them in the dark.

Lemon tastes good on any vegetable, including carrots. Wish I had a deep-fryer; I've tried shallow-frying but they just go floppy.
-- david_scothern, Oct 08 2004

admitting to floppy - that's modern man for you.
-- po, Oct 08 2004

they actually sell (or sold) these at my local grocery store. I was at first terrified at the thought of carrot chips (crisps, whatever), but I now feel that I must partake of them. I hope the still carry them.
-- BNX, Mar 29 2007

Not sure about the olive oil, but certainly available at Waitrose, with parsnip, carrot and beetroot.
The actor Terence Stamp also promoted his own brand on the video of "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" called "The Stamp Collection".
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 29 2007

I thought of this a few weeks ago actually.

I can't eat potatos, cause (and i like to frequently say this) "I die everytime I eat potato"

Anyhow, my idea included veg such as baked zuchinni, carrot, courgette, and other similar veg. This would be

I'm with you Po.
-- shinobi, Mar 30 2007

The things that can go wrong when you're "deep frying in healthy pure virgin olive oil" range from setting the fryer on fire to inhaling and eating carcinogens - so I'd rather you revised your recipe suggestion and switched to either baking (you can drizzle some olive oil on afterwards) or frying in an oil that's actually suitable for that, such as peanut oil.

That said, does anyone else read "hand fried" (in the tyrell's page) and think "ouch!"?
-- jutta, Mar 30 2007

I've had parsnip crisps.
-- mecotterill, May 12 2008

I suggest sweet potato chips. Great in "fries" form ie hot chips, but even better in "crisp" form.
-- Custardguts, May 12 2008

baked, not fried.
-- WcW, May 12 2008

Actually i have made them (fried) with some overgrown storage carrots. Not what you expect: they do puff but they are sweet, and taste terrible with salt. Never got excited enough to figure out what you could dip them in to complete the experience.
-- WcW, May 12 2008

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