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Bridge crane in the house moves ceiling fan where you want it.

A house-sized bridge crane to move the ceiling fan(s) where needed. Could be cranes in every room. Controls are the typical hanging kind. Wish the fan was just a little further that way? Bridge crane.
-- cudgel, Jul 09 2015

Bridge crane https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Overhead_crane
[cudgel, Jul 09 2015]

Cudgel https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Cugel%27s_Saga
[normzone, Jul 11 2015]


Isn't the roof going to be in the way? If you mean one crane for each room, it's easier to figure out the benefits.

Having one in each room means one hardly needs the fan(s); just have the crane move air around with a fixed wing.
-- csea, Jul 09 2015

[cudgel], did we ever satisfactorily answer the question of whether or not you're a Jack Vance fan ?
-- normzone, Jul 10 2015

[csea] A bridge crane has nothing to interfere with the roof. See link. [normzone] I had to look up the author you noted to see who he was.
-- cudgel, Jul 10 2015

I would add that this would be good for ceiling mounted televisions and more. Slowly moving the tv away from your bed would work for a lazy mans alarm clock.
-- Duck Lagrange, Jul 10 2015

This idea could also be used to move walls, appliances, etc. Let your imagination go.
-- cudgel, Jul 10 2015

A quad-ceiling-fan-crane?
-- pocmloc, Jul 11 2015

Justin Bieber ? Oh, no, he's only got two fans now...
-- 8th of 7, Jul 11 2015

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