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who the &#/$! was that?

a website with a database of celebrity car registration plates. plate numbers would be entered by the car owner and verified before publishing.

then when I pass a flash car with blacked out windows and a glimpse of a mysterious stranger wearing dark glasses and with a car number like F1, I can discover who it was that I passed on my way to work.

The positive side for the car owner would be the tracking of his car if stolen or perhaps proof that he was not parked illegally on Bedford Hill, South London on the 12th of the month.
-- po, May 13 2004

Pure, Scary Genius
Mr Jim Bowen [Sanna, Oct 05 2004]

Just Pure Scary
Erk. [Sanna, Oct 05 2004]

For Sale : Car Number Plate F1 http://www.herts-es...story.asp?id=109405
[jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004]

see // positive side //

of course they want to be known, they are celebs. what do you expect? anyway the moment has gone - its not like they will be targeted by nutters or anything.
-- po, May 13 2004

perhaps you are right - a security risk?
-- po, May 13 2004

I'd bet there are plenty of fans who could supply the plate numbers to a website. Celebrity means sacrifice of privacy.
-- dentworth, May 13 2004

Wouldn't it be better if the 'mysterious stranger's identity remained a mystery?
-- proto13, May 13 2004

I had been hoping this would be a photo-sensitive plate which revealed a picture of an international celebrity (such as Mr Jim Bowen or Mr Terry Wogan OBE, MBA, FBI) as the plate was emptied.
-- Sanna, May 13 2004

The number plate F1 is owned by the Chairman of Essex County Council. [linky]. saves looking it up on a dbase [po].
-- jonthegeologist, May 13 2004

I think it was F7 I saw this morning!
-- po, May 13 2004

I saw "Psalm 82" last night. I wonder which celebrity that is :}
-- yabba do yabba dabba, May 13 2004

thanks yabba.

I hope this doesn't turn into a list. I half hope it will, it might be interesting as long as it lasts.
-- po, May 13 2004

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