Product: Cell Phone: Motion
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Remote-controlled propellers as a cell phone attachment.

You can buy a helium-filled blimp that is pushed around by remote-controlled propellers.

I want just those propellers as a cell phone attachment.

That way, if you're at an event with big crowds where someone is selling helium balloons, you could buy a bunch of them, tie your phone to them, and fly it to someone you want to talk to.

Remote control would be accomplished from another phone, via touch tones transmitted through a normal phone call.
-- jutta, Nov 23 2004

Cell Phone Blimp ~bz [bristolz, Nov 24 2004, last modified Jun 28 2005]

How Stuff Works: Lift of a balloon?
About 14 grams. So, you'd need about eight. [jutta, Nov 23 2004]

"You can buy a helium-filled blimp ..." http://www.thinkgee...egoodies/toys/5b5f/
The existing toy mentioned in the first paragraph. [jutta, Nov 23 2004]

Powered with a Nickel-Sized turbine http://www.fuelcell...m/Supppage1569.html
Nickel: A small US coin (to those overseas.) [contracts, Nov 23 2004]

Make another attachment that acts as a repeater to the nearest cellular tower for better reception. That way, if you're not getting any signal, or in a canyon or something, just send up your little repeater box, and talk away.
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 23 2004

Great idea. Cell phones have a very nice battery energy/weight ratio, so may travel somewhat far.
-- Worldgineer, Nov 23 2004

Make it a speaker phone so all you have to do is hover near the person and hail them.
-- bristolz, Nov 23 2004

I imagined a tethered blimp used as a repeater station.. which on reflection is not such a brilliant idea as I thought it was a second ago. Hmm. These propeller things are pretty quiet, right? Evil 'phonedogging' - glide up behind someone, then shout in their ear.

Hang on... how do you talk to the person if you've just sent your phone to them? Oooh wait - two phones - clever! :-) Personally I fear the temptation would be too great - my phone would fly over to people, shout "buy a phone!", and come back. [+]
-- moomintroll, Nov 23 2004

Any kind of failsafe for the inevitable dropped call?
-- Mr Burns, Nov 23 2004

Or a dead battery, resulting in unlimited airtime?

Very nice drawing as usual, [bris]
-- Worldgineer, Nov 23 2004

[+] but go with just plain walkie-talkies, which are cheaper and designed more for this. You'd want a pair of walkie talkies (one to fly over to the receiver and one to hold on to) and their range would be just right to match your flight range.
-- sophocles, Nov 24 2004


bristolz, how do you do pictures?!?!?!?!
-- DesertFox, Nov 25 2004

Marker pens, mostly.
-- bristolz, Nov 25 2004

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