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Food: Pizza
christmas dinner pizza   (+7, -3)  [vote for, against]
bringing all your seasonal toppings to you in a box.

enjoy all the festivities with your favourite takeaway + 1 free can of coke and a cracker.

a traditional circular pizza cut into 4 wedges and brought piping hot to your door (possibly by a delivery boy dressed as a gnome or somethang)

wedge 1: meat treat – turkey, beef, pork, sausage all covered in a beefy sauce.

wedge 2: vegetarian – roast potato slices, crispy yorkshire pud, parsnip, carrot, all covered in a beefy sauce.

wedge 3: continental – sage and onion stuffing, all covered in a beefy sauce.

wedge 4: dessert – christmas pudding, all covered in brandy or custard (optional)

now I understand that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea but heck its only for one day of the year.

n.b. 45 shopping days till xmas.
-- po, Nov 15 2003

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Can I have a stuffed crust option please, with the cheese replaced by cranberry jelly?
-- Fishrat, Nov 15 2003

Delivered by a Dominome! +
-- wombat, Nov 15 2003

They have pizza in Britain...?
-- DrCurry, Nov 15 2003

(Why only 4 pieces?)

The center of the pizza should be raised to form a pyramid(ish) Christmas tree. The entire thing should be delivered gift-wrapped.
-- phoenix, Nov 15 2003

and a match, and a striking surface on the side of the pizza box (so you can light the brandy on the christmas pudding slice)

and (using irritating greeting card technology) the box plays Jingle Bells when opened
-- hippo, Nov 15 2003

There is a lunch place here that sells a turkey dinner flatbread wrap. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy with cranberry sauce. It’s bloody good and I'm betting this would be better. (+)
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 15 2003

I confess I don't understand this one. Would it help if I were from the UK?
-- waugsqueke, Nov 15 2003

2 fries, don't put real money on it. waugs, I am real pleased you don't understand.

to give it credence, I was thinking of the meaning of christmas and those spending it alone..
-- po, Nov 15 2003

So there's more to it than just being a recipe then?
-- waugsqueke, Nov 15 2003

How can you possibly be spending Christmas alone? I thought you had two strapping sons to keep their mother company?
-- DrCurry, Nov 15 2003

I am lucky enough to have 3 strapping sons but I have / had friends who often find themselves alone at christmas.

personally I find the season depressing..
-- po, Nov 15 2003

Ah. And there was I, all set to have a steaming hot pizza delivered to you on Christmas Day...
-- DrCurry, Nov 15 2003

gratefully received, my dear.

its traditional here to cook the meal by committee and its usually eaten stone cold and raw!
-- po, Nov 15 2003

Forgot about the recipe rule.
Still sounds tasty though.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 17 2003

<hug> for po. We'll help cheer you up :)

I had some christmas icecream the other day with raisins and cinnamon and other yummy bits. Maybe it could be an optional extra with the pizza?
-- madradish, Nov 17 2003

Sorry to be the drunk uncle turning up two days too early, but how are you going to ensure that the beefy gravy doesn't intermingle with that brandy sauce? And where's the cranberry jelly and the bread sauce? And do you get the extra cheese option? And do you have to eat the Brussels sprouts? So many questions, so little time.
-- PeterSilly, Nov 17 2003

join the party, Silly. hic, by the time we get to hic, lunchtime, we are not too bothered about an intermingling of juices. overdone sprouts? hic, yes Eric will eat what you don't want!
-- po, Nov 17 2003

Like the idea - please can the pizza box open like a Christmas cracker with a disappointingly quiet 'bang' and a plastic toy worth at a maximum 1% of the sale price - and of course the paper hat! (+)
-- dobtabulous, Nov 17 2003

You mean that you don't wait for HM's gracious speech to her minions before sitting down to scoff???
-- PeterSilly, Nov 17 2003

who? she can send out for her own..
-- po, Nov 17 2003

Until the sheep-faced old bag wears a paper hat, squeaks a party tooter and reads out a cracker joke as a preliminary, I refuse to watch the speech to the nation (i.e. I never will).
-- squeak, Nov 17 2003

the idea's fine - but your taste in christmas food is appalling!!
-- ivanhoe, Nov 17 2003

Bleurgh! Not very keen on the vegetarian selection, po. Make it crunchy roast spuds, mushroom wellington and red cabbage all covered in a beefy sauce...and I'm still not going to vote for it.
-- DrBob, Nov 17 2003

-- po, Nov 17 2003

//I have / had friends who often find themselves alone at christmas...personally I find the season depressing.//

Am I the only one who can see a solution here?
-- egbert, Nov 17 2003

// Am I the only one who can see a solution here? //

Convert to judaism?
-- dobtabulous, Nov 17 2003

"Aww, all we get from the grandfolks are those stupid fruitcake pizzas we never eat ..."

Not Fruitcake--->[+]
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 17 2003

I'd eat anything [po] put in front of me. Wish I could share it with you... : ) +
-- k_sra, Nov 17 2003

I feel sorry for all the pizza boys who have to work on Christmas, but it’s a good idea for those who want to spend the day playing with their presents and getting drunk rather than cooking.

The fact that it’s a single serving is a little depressing; it reminds me of the time I stayed at college over Thanksgiving and celebrated by eating a packet of turkey-flavored ramen noodles.
-- AO, Nov 17 2003

!!! How sad, and cute, [AO].
-- k_sra, Nov 17 2003

How about for every pizza delivery person that has to work on Christmas day, they only make one stop ... they deliver dinner, then stay as honored guests.
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 17 2003

but what about the trifle? itsnotcwismisswifouttrifle
-- seedy em, Nov 17 2003

I've given this idea a lot of thought and I have to say no. Xmas dinner should be more than one course for a start (ideally about 5 courses) and not all of them will be improved by being sandwiched between tomato sauce and cheese.

If I was depressed and on my own at Xmas (as I have been) I would buy a new book, make myself a nice dinner and get squiffy. Not order a pizza and depress myself further. Cold pizza always looks a bit sad in it's box.

I certainly wouldn't want a cracker delivered as someone suggested in an anno. You need two people to pull a cracker.

Happily for me I get to go home this Xmas.
-- squeak, Nov 18 2003

"squiffy"? (don't know what it means, but I like how it sounds)
"pull a cracker"?
-- half, Nov 18 2003

Of all the words that have different meanings in English and American, “cracker” is my favorite.
-- AO, Nov 18 2003

So does the american version have a humerous meaning, or are we just thinking biscuit?
-- RobertKidney, Nov 18 2003

<Frank Carson>It's a cracker!</Frank Carson>
-- PeterSilly, Nov 18 2003

In American cracker can be used as a racial slur, but when we here about crackers at Christmas dinner, we tend imagine a plate of Saltines.
-- AO, Nov 18 2003

[Half] Squiffy means a bit tipsy. A cracker is a thing made from the inside tube of a toilet roll, wrapped in shiny paper which is twisted at both ends. Inside is a pathetic joke on a rolled up paper like you get in fortune cookies, a paper hat and a little present. There is also a strip of some sort of cardboard that runs the length of the cylinder with a snapper in it (don't know the proper name).

Now. You need two people. Each takes hold of one of the ends of the cracker and they pull until the cracker breaks in two. The snapper is meant to go BANG! but mostly goes *thumpf* or *...*. Whoever gets the bigger end wins the contents. Then every one shouts hurray and puts on their hat which makes for a jolly festive atmosphere.

What you get in a cracker depends on the price and on fate. In Marks and Spencers crackers you get things like a set of brass whistles of different pitches, one to a cracker, and the score to The Four Seasons. In Pound-Stretcher style ones you get a plastic pea-whistle that doesn't work. For some reason my brother ALWAYS gets a rainmate (one of those placcy headscarves that old dears wear in inclemant weather).
-- squeak, Nov 18 2003

squeal omitted to say that the best fun to be had from crackers is by cheating..
-- po, Nov 18 2003

After much thought I have to vote against this. Gravy on pizza - bleurghh.
-- PeterSilly, Nov 18 2003

Yeah, and beef gravy on turkey come to that.

(see link for v. posh christmas crackers)
-- squeak, Nov 18 2003

its not gravy - its beef sauce
-- po, Nov 18 2003

<Off Topic>
My Mum goes cracker crazy at christmas (I'm avoiding the obvious pun). She buys 100's of crackers, the tree is always full of them.

I find the best ones are the ones she makes herself. Wonderful individual presents...makes Christmas dinner extra special.
-- silverstormer, Nov 18 2003

<investigates the etymology of 'bleurghh'>
-- k_sra, Nov 18 2003

<Old Celtic, I believe, meaning "local food">
-- DrCurry, Nov 18 2003

<I believe it>
-- k_sra, Nov 18 2003

-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 18 2003

[k_sra] think onomatapoeically (sp. ?)
-- PeterSilly, Nov 18 2003

what? like *spew*?
-- po, Nov 18 2003

"With your purchase of the christmas dinner pizza you are helping those third world countries in which most families can't afford eating a big christmas dinner (let alone eating) "

That would give this product the christmas meaning as a countereffect of seasonal consumism.
-- Pericles, Nov 18 2003

Oh good heavens. See [link]. In the "In the news" section. It'll be gone in a week, so go see it now...
-- darksasami, Nov 18 2003

[po] I am now inspired to buy a pre-made pizza crust and top it to look like a wreath for a holiday party.
-- wombat, Nov 18 2003

po, if I could, I would send you a 'St. Lucia' pizza. This would be a stromboli made into a wreath of thick braided 'crust' and delivered to you with nine candles alight. The delivery person would come to your doorstep singing sartep's Lava Lawn Lamp (with annotations) as a carol ;b

I'd prefer a return to the more pagan celebration of light and the recognition of winter solstice passing. Interestingly, celebrating the New Year with my family at home has come to symbolize for me this same sense of transition, complete with a peaceful tranquility knowing the hype is over and that I have spring to anticipate.
-- Tiger Lily, Nov 19 2003

TL. I have to agree with you! nicely put but then you always did have a way with words..
-- po, Nov 19 2003

I'm looking forward to the end of 2003, an abyssmal year if there ever was one. Of course, I said the same thing about 2002. "2002 is History," I said, as I continued - "In 2003, things will happen." Unfortunately, I neglected to foretell that they would be very bad things, exponentially increasing in quantity like Tribbles.
-- thumbwax, Nov 19 2003

Yuk! Sorry you had such a po-awfuk year!
-- The Kat, Nov 19 2003

hey, it had nothing to do with me! (I hope)
-- po, Nov 19 2003

Mmmm, how 'bout the day after Christmas dinner pizza. Leftovers piled high, everything runs into each other mixed with a few things you didn't get to try yesterday. You can't have one with out the other so...+
-- sartep, Nov 20 2003

Instead of ringing your doorbell, the delivery person rings a melodious bellringer's handbell at your doorstep. This high-tech bell is yours to keep. Place it on top of your TV or next to your PC.

The bell will sound its lovely 'voice' when friends and relatives "ping" your location throughout the day using their own PC's and the special Christmas Dinner Pizzaria Bellringer's GPS Network.
-- Tiger Lily, Nov 21 2003

just talk about me, see if I care. I wrote this on 15th November!
-- po, Nov 21 2003

Sue 'em, [po] - your idea predates their article by 4 days.
-- PeterSilly, Nov 21 2003

which word in the phrase //delivery boy// confuses you?
-- po, Nov 21 2003

Wouldn't be at all surprised to find they lift a sizeable portion of their material from this site.
-- k_sra, Nov 21 2003

apology accepted, auto, by the skin of your teeth are you saved.
-- po, Nov 21 2003

no where (on this idea) do I mention frozen pizza
-- po, Nov 21 2003

If they came out with this, I'd order a dozen rather than having to cook. Make mine veggie - replace #1 with another #4 and skip the beefy sauce.
-- Worldgineer, Nov 21 2003

I’d order some for Christmas Eve, since we usually just have spaghetti that night, what with everyone being so busy wrapping presents.
-- AO, Nov 21 2003

I for one, welcome our new christmas dinner overlords. +
-- sartep, Oct 05 2004

My grandparents usually bake a Red Baron Pizza for Christmas.
-- travbm, Oct 30 2015

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