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clockface sewn to the toe of each shoe

dont bother rolling up a sleeve or moving your hand , look at your shoes
-- technobadger, May 29 2005

US 6,470,601 http://patft.uspto....70601&RS=PN/6470601
Watch-containing shoe [xaviergisz, May 30 2005]

Clown clockshoes for the short-sighted?
-- st3f, May 29 2005

//look at your shoes//
...or under them
-- phundug, May 29 2005

Pencoats. Bookhats. Spoongloves. Keysocks. Torchcummerbunds.
-- Basepair, May 29 2005

It's dark, I'm sitting at my desk, I'm wearing flip-flops.

(I was gonna say I was wearing my papal robes while my girlfriend was doing me a favor, but decided that was too offensive to even hint at.)
-- baconbrain, May 30 2005

So why do you need clocks on both feet?
-- ldischler, May 30 2005

It's good to know the right time and how much time is left.
-- FarmerJohn, May 31 2005

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