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game of spam/circulars

to make a game out of it,different peices of a spam puzzle sent to different recipients- completed by contacting the other email addresses on the list
-- technobadger, Nov 08 2001

(?) Spam Lottery http://www.state.nj...stantgames/i280.htm
only in Jersey [prometheus, Nov 08 2001]

Spam Museum http://www.roadside...ract/MNAUSspam.html
Oh, hang on, wait... [hippo, Nov 08 2001]

(?) The Great Spam Archive
This guy's been collecting every bit of spam sent to him since 1997 [hippo, Nov 08 2001]

The Antique Roadshow site
Blather for the show [bristolz, Nov 08 2001]

Sounds like an old boss' (boss's?) idea for "viral marketing".
-- LeBain, Nov 08 2001

Do you mean to tell me that spam isn't already collectible?! Rats! I've been wasting my time!
-- snarfyguy, Nov 09 2001

The Spam archive link is amazing.

When I saw the title to this link I imagined a scene, a few years hence, where someone was having their treasured piece of spam appraised on the _The Antique Roadshow_ (see link for description of show)
-- bristolz, Nov 09 2001

I know fax machines are pretty old hat now but we have one at work which is quite useful and overnight it goes into overdrive - pages and pages of useless dross. some offensive stuff too.
-- po, Nov 11 2001

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