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colourful cooking with a shooting computer game   (+4)  [vote for, against]
3d shooter and cuisine

some of those 3d shooters seem to have quite a few interesting effects and weapons -some with pretty colours;quake 3 for example. some of the good things about some types of cooking is not only the taste but the look; such as some curry and perhaps fruit.[dont they look good with thecontrasting bright colours?] anyway, have a game where the players run aroundshoot these fantastic weapons, including pretty effects,but cook with them. so- pick up the tangy gun, and select the orange ammunition,and fire a missile at some place in the arena/map [maybe empty ,perhaps with a place in it] and fire orangeness,with effects, and see marmalade.
-- technobadger, Jul 12 2001

Actually, it would make a great diversion from the usual FPS antics of shooting someone in the chest.

Maybe include a team multiplayer mode where you are competing against other players in order to create a huge virtual feast?
-- mrkillboy, Jul 13 2001

Hit the wrong spot, you get that awful orange jello with grated carrots in it instead of marmalade. When your weapon's set on 'green' and you step on a land mine everything comes up Brussels Sprouts... Seriously surreal, seriously cool.
-- Dog Ed, Jul 13 2001

Virtual Iron Chef?
-- wiml, Jul 13 2001

I vote FOR because it will be a big hit if ever inventid and i would buy it, but i still like a good fight on Unreal Tournament, Star Trek:Voyager Elite Force and Deus Ex, unless you inventid a, i don't kwow errrr.....

-- cartman, Jul 18 2001

Kinda baked, see the simpsons game, FPS with cakes and other weird stuff. Old though.
-- filterX, Dec 10 2002

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