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a salt cellar that responds to the amount of salt in your sweat and responds accordingly.

salt is bad for you. the health agencies have been banging on about it for ages now. encouraging people to not add salt to their food in the cooking process. even though most fast food and pre-packaged food is rampant with the stuff. curry is the UK’s favourite food and I am willing to bet that it is stuffed to the gills with sodium chloride. fish ‘n chips, another of the nation’s best loved take-aways; have you *seen* the size of those salt cellars they have in your local chippie?

this new home salt cellar, for table use, is in the form of a box – into which you insert your hand, face up. The hand is scanned for the salt content in the user’s sweat and deposits an identical amount of salt into the palm of the upturned hand. This salt box may be rather expensive but ones health and well-being are worth some extravagance, shirley?
-- po, Aug 23 2002

pro salt
(admittedly biased) [sappho, Aug 23 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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Salt cellar and pepper mill set (in US$, sorry)
There are less pricey ones for everyday use, too. [panamax, Aug 23 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

But where's the salad?
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Salt is *not* bad for you.
-- DrCurry, Aug 23 2002

Na++, I don't like it. Seasoned salt addicts would just use it more than once. If you're serious about cutting your salt intake you should just use as little as you can bear. I can't sea any more puns about salt, so I'll shut up now.
-- sild, Aug 23 2002

IWe always knew you wern't a "real' Dr, DrCurry, but you have proved it now! I guess excess saturated fat & sugar isn't bad for you either!
-- pfperry, Aug 23 2002

Iodized Salt is extremely important
-- thumbwax, Aug 23 2002

Correct on the benefits of salt. According to data presented by a speaker in a recent cardio conference, only 1 in 10 patients are sodium-sensitive; including those with CV disease. The sodium ban imposed by most clinicians is a scattergun approach, intended to cover the 10% as a subset of the 100%. As quality of life issues gain in public and medical (another subset!)awareness, this blanket-ban method becomes increasingly undesirable.
-- panamax, Aug 23 2002

[blissmiss], the Yanks have both the cruet and the salt cellar, which does indeed exist, and can be found on many tables right next to the pepper mill.
-- panamax, Aug 23 2002

She's led a sheltered life.
-- DrCurry, Aug 23 2002

It's a bit of an anachronism in the U.S., we use shakers almost exclusively though I imagine some upscale Martha Stewart worshippers probobly have them - my Grandmothers silver had a set of individual salt cellars, one for each place setting - it's just a little bowl with a small spoon, and possibly a cover, much like a sugar bowl.

And don't call me shirley.
-- whatzabuzz, Aug 23 2002

why on earth would we call you Shirley?
-- po, Aug 23 2002

Sounds like [panamax] may be a real doctor, not just playing one on hb.
-- half, Aug 24 2002

[Blissmis] Yes in fact see link I posted above with pic. In Latin America, you find the cruet setup most often in low-end restaurants where an oil (olive if lucky) and vinegar combo are offered in lieu of fancier salad dressings. Comes from the Spanish tradition.

Oh, and [half]: Doctor, Schmocktor.
-- panamax, Aug 28 2002

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