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choose a strong curry and buy a new brightly coloured garment

choose an item of clothing first from the clothes section of the shop. then order a curry . have it served in the clothes,after eating ,pay for the clothing -included- and perhaps have it rinsed or something
-- technobadger, Aug 02 2001

Curry & Taylor http://www.usscinfo...?resource=sc_briefs
Not the food. Not the clothing. The lawyers. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

Define: in the clothes
-- thumbwax, Aug 03 2001

Huh? It's damn near impossible to get curry stains out of clothes as it is, why would I want clothes that are practically pre-stained?
-- CoolerKing, Aug 03 2001

CoolerKing: I think that's the point--you end up with nice curry-colored clothes. technobadger, I'd like a spinkle of paprika 'round the collar and a kind of starburst made of chili powder right in the center of the chest.
-- Dog Ed, Aug 03 2001

Um, is there some kind of pun or something that I'm missing?
-- baf, Aug 04 2001

Perhaps the phrase 'to curry favour' was what was intended. I dunno.
-- Cedar Park, Feb 07 2003

After I have eaten a curry, I invariably have curry covered clothes anyway. Here's an idea, you specify what size t shirt you wear, and then I'll wear one when I eat my curry and send you the result. You'd heard of people paying for soiled panties, similar idea but curried t shirts.
-- Bantam, Feb 07 2003

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