Product: Sunglasses
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sunglasses made to fit your unique head

Some people have funny-shaped heads and have trouble finding sunglasses that fit well. What glasses-makers need is a easily-moldable frame that your local rep. wraps around your face. From that frame, a permanent plastic frame for the sunglasses is derived that should fit the individual wearer perfectly. Based on what seems to sell, price doesn't seem to be a major factor for a lot of people.

I guess a high-tech version would be to take all the measurements with some sort of scan, and have a C&C machine produce the frame. But it seems like using a real form would be better.
-- johan, Mar 07 2000

Cyber organic eye wear.
Custom made waay cool sunglasses [wwiewior, Mar 07 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

check out: not only made to spec, but also waaaay cooler than anything you can get in stores.
-- wwiewior, Apr 19 2000

Organisations for the visually handicapped have, in their shops, a surprisingly fashionable and varied range of anti-glare-wear, not only in stock, but made to order.
-- rayfo, Nov 20 2000

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