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Culture: Photography
decoy duck   (+10, -2)  [vote for, against]
a lifelike clockwork plush duck for photographers

in the UK, the queen has announced today that her government, led by the prime minister, for want of a better word, will reform counter-terrorism laws in a move that could affect photographers - for the better...

good but not good enough. many innocent photographers have been harrassed for some years now by bullying security guards and police officers throwing their weight about. one was actually reported saying - " you can't photograph that building - its an *iconic* building." these little bullies hide behind section 44 of the terrorism act 2000 that allows the police to stop and search anyone in a specific area. before section 44, the police could only stop and search individuals if they had 'reasonable grounds' for suspicion and certain criteria were met.

until such time as the law realises that people taking photographs, in full view of everyone, are highly unlikely to be terrorists and that the real criminals are probably googling for their images or using street view to reccy their dastardly plans, then decoy duck will provide a useful tool.

decoy duck will fit nicely into one of the pockets of your camera case and when you want to take a nice image of the ceiling of Paddington Station or a great sunset shot of Waterloo bridge, then place ducky on a convenient wall betwixt yourself and the architecture and capture your picture. if any interfering security guard threatens you with arrest under section 44 of the terrorism act, you can counter their threats with the RSPCA.
-- po, May 25 2010

+ and maybe a little plush pigeon for some of us! ;)
-- xandram, May 25 2010

Ah don' geddit.
-- DrWorm, May 25 2010

wot's not to get? pretend to photograph a duck instead of a building.
-- po, May 25 2010

thats fine - feathers are lovely.
-- po, May 25 2010

Why-a no-a hippopotamus?
-- mouseposture, May 25 2010

-- hippo, May 26 2010

//the prime minister, for want of a better word//

I wonder if we could get him/them/it a pantomime horse costume? Not in a malicious way, but just to see how well they carry it off.
-- pertinax, May 26 2010

hah, tail wagging the horse?
-- po, May 26 2010

Do you have any idea how long it takes the bomb squad to deal with an unattended duck?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 26 2010

Wrong. Try again.

(Hint: EOD guys are as keen on deep fried crispy duck as anyone else, and not inclined to wait)
-- 8th of 7, May 26 2010

[Ian], your auto-focus seems to keep focusing on the, for want of a better word, prime minister.
-- lurch, May 26 2010

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