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make virtual millions from the scum of the earth

Since the media are so obsessed with the axis of evil, why dont we do what all good capitalists should and earn a bit of money out of them. But wait, before you start drawing up invasion plans and (re)construction contracts I'm thinking of a more fun slightly less shock and awe version. dictatordaq: just like the superb celebdaq on the BBC website but with your favourite murdering, torturing, weapon of mass destruction totting badassses instead. stock goes up for gassing innocent civilians, invading enemy terrritory or building a gigantic monument to your curly moustache. points go down for cow-towing to the UN, meeting with Tony Blair or letting women see broad daylight.

Should you end up in the Hague you are instantly delisted, unless you bribe the judge or execute a dazzling escape in which case watch your price soar. Of course we have to have a rounded view of this so it wouldn't just be middle eastern bad guys that Bush don't like, Bush, Sharon and Blair are as equatable with some of the worst scum of the earth too, so get them in there. This ofcourse would all be done with virtual dollars, we wouldn't want it to be in bad taste now would we.
-- etherman, Apr 27 2004

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For an alternative approach to the scum of the world's presidential palaces, see link.
-- spacemoggy, Apr 27 2004

is this a rant?
-- dentworth, Apr 27 2004

not a rant, more a game for ranters
-- etherman, Apr 27 2004

we could also add in corporate dictators i.e Bill Gates, Nestle, Starbucks
-- etherman, Apr 28 2004

yeah foolserrand, fair enough, I agree that they're hardly in the same league as Mugabe or dear old Saddam, but the likes of Nestle do help to sustain 3rd world poverty for a hell of alot of people and the likes of Shell and Diageo give alot of money to support some well dodgy African regimes.
-- etherman, Apr 29 2004

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