Product: Construction Equipment
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wheels and tracks are extra things for moving a digger around

some with 2 hydraulic arms can lift up off the ground

when excavating in one place they turn but dont move much

put 2 scoops in the front of the vehicle and houst it up on these,balance on one, dig with the other for moving,or rest it on the vehicle
-- technobadger, Jun 09 2001

Jackhammer attachment for Backhoe
Doesn't this look like 2 legs of a Mecha Spider?! [sninctown, May 12 2008]

(?) Illustration http://www.4freeima...?i=f78b9ec459c8.jpg
Four legs, one guy, 100% awesome concept. Apologies for use of MS Paint [sninctown, May 13 2008]

Commonly called "spider excavators" https://en.wikipedi...i/Walking_excavator
Almost this idea... but very cool in the hands of a skilled operator (head to YouTube) [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 20 2020]

machinery such as diggers is mostly painted yellow on the outside ,not black and white
-- technobadger, Jun 09 2001

That would be, uh.. excuse me while I switch hands..uh, six sets of controls?
-- reensure, Jun 09 2001

of course
-- technobadger, Jun 09 2001

Isn't this as baked as all get-out?
-- globaltourniquet, Jun 09 2001

Not if I understand the slightly incoherent's a machine that walks around on two backhoe arms, apparently standing on one and 'kicking' with the other to dig.
-- StarChaser, Jun 10 2001

I was about to post this, but I see someone else beat me to it by nearly 7 years.

I think it would be better to use 4, or even 6 hydraulic arms. That way the digger could walk with a buglike gait. For constructing this, simply take 4 large diggers/backhoes, remove the section with the tank-style treads from each, and attach the rotating cab/digger section of each to one corner of a large aluminum plate. This way, each arm could swivel independently and little additional designing is required. With some controls electronics to allow all arms to be controlled by a single operator, this would be a formidable vehicle.

I am imagining a six-legged backhoe-spider with jackhammer attachments instead of scoops on the ends of its arms climbing the Empire State Building by way of jabbing its steel arms through the walls and pulling itself up.
-- sninctown, May 12 2008

I like it. Too bad that with all that cool technology, there probably wouldn't be any room for paragraph breaks in there.
-- normzone, May 13 2008

Um, I don't think sninctown meant what his second link now (2020) links to...
-- pashute, Aug 20 2020

//Four legs, one guy.// Not strange porn? that would be totally different kind of spade work.
-- wjt, Aug 21 2020

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