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don't let them catch you

I recently came accross a wikipedia article on "Free speech zones". The basic gist of it is that when Bush visits a city the secret service clears a path of any protesters holding anti-bush slogans and sends them off to free speech zones far away from the action. Over there they are able to exercise their freedom (a baseball field for example)

Sounds to me like the solution to this problem is the e-protest sign:

1) Protesters move in and hold "Bush, We love you!" signs. Or "Bush, I want to have yor baby!" ... "Bush, you are my hero!" ..

2) Secret service does their sweep. And report back: "Mission complete the crowd is 100% pro bush"

3) Bush passes by, the media is rolling. But just as the camera pans to the crowd the signs change instantly: "Bush is a psychopath!", "Free speech is dead!", etc. ... mission accoplished. The secret service swarms in, but it's too late.

e-Protest Sign is sign made out of e-Paper which can change the message in seconds. In fact, this could also be used during a speech where the crowd can react to what the speaker is saying in real time. "Boo!"... or "yeay!"
-- ixnaum, Sep 16 2006

Free Speech Zone
[ixnaum, Sep 16 2006]

[ixnaum, Sep 16 2006]

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