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Finally, a good application for e-books.

I've always wondered what makes people invest in (physical) e-books, since the display-technology is still so inferior to normal pocket books.

But there's an area where e-books have a clear advantage over normal books. Porn! The read times are usually short (with me, anyway), you could password-protect access, you can wipe it off (better than paper, at least; and it doesn't have to be waterproof, just splashproof), you can have a few normal books in there just for cover (or afterwards), and most of all - the damn thing stays open without occupying a hand.

Why isn't this happening yet? Or is it?

[How do you turn the pages? Maybe a voice interface. "OH!"]

[Small pictures? I don't think that's a handicap (to wit, the WAP porn sites - how pathetic can you get?); and I think there is a considerable market for both stories and pictures.]
-- ping, May 06 2001

CNet article on WAP Porn
6 of the top 13 WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) sites are porn. [ping, May 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Current top 50 WAP sites.
The site the CNet article took its data from. (It's shifted a little since then.) [ping, May 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

I don't think "you can wipe it off" -- these aren't waterproof that I've seen.

There's plenty of porn for PDAs and even for cell phones.
-- egnor, May 06 2001

Hard...ahem. Difficult to support with one hand, I'd think, and how would you turn pages?

I dislike e-books on principle, anyway.

Porn for cellphones? Eek.
-- StarChaser, May 06 2001

Side note: I dropped plans to make the halfbakery available through AvantGo when their usage agreement turned out to include a clause forbidding pornography or offensive speech - so either they made special agreements, or they're just covering their asses in case of a lawsuit but don't really enforce anything. Interesting.
-- jutta, May 07 2001

This is a cool idea. Porn and ebook, two things I like. Bun!
-- PauloSargaco, Feb 25 2004

yes, I could interface with this...
-- Voice, Apr 30 2008

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