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Contraceptive Pill container with built-in remainder service.

A container for contraceptive pills that starts beeping (ringing, vibrating, flashing, what have you) if it hasn't been opened in 26 hours (except for one week in four, for some types of pill). Could be worn on a keychain.

Actually, lots of medication is time-specific, and if you've never taken any over longer periods, you don't know just how hard it is to do something every day. I've seen calendar boxes, but nothing high-tech; maybe because many people who need medication are old?

There could even be a "standard" interface that lets the device scan its instruction from the pillbox.

I doubt that someone would touch this in reality; it's a litigation suit waiting to happen, isn't it?
-- jutta, Jan 29 1998

(??) Pill Box Timer
Baked. [jutta, Jan 29 1998]

(??) Transparent version. http://www.dynamic-...igital_pill_box.htm
For Mac users? [jutta, Jan 29 1998]

I've seen things like this before, a little widget that beeps and releases the lid on one of its compartments to tell you you need to take these pills now.

A similar one for people trying to quit smoking, it locks up their cigarettes and will only allow them to have one every 2 hours or so...haven't seen this in a long time, though...
-- StarChaser, Oct 24 1999

I've seen these things on late night TV. It's basically a kitchen timer welded to a compartmentalized pill box. I wonder if they could make fridges witht the same functionality.
-- atester, Mar 14 2000

I have a cat feeder that does the kitchen timer / compartment trick. They can hear the door click open from 100 yards away...
-- koz, Mar 16 2000

I could do with a pill dispenser that told me the last time pills were removed from it, roughly how many, and whether it was time for another dose, assuming I had consumed all of the pills when I removed them. I guess it would have to key to some sort of ID if more than one person had access to the bottle.

"I'm sorry P---, I can't let you do that."
-- centauri, Jul 25 2000

The Sharper Image has several devices like this. Holds a couple of months worth of pills, dispenses up to 4 times a day.
-- Grabber, Sep 02 2002

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